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Princess’s Punishmment


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With anxiety and excitement, Daddy and I showed up at the party. I was still in my scrubs and the host ushered us up to our room so we could get cleaned up and change. As he closed the door, he turns over his shoulder and winks at Daddy, “take your time. We will see you when y’all come down.” With a silent nod, Daddy finishes closing the door and then locks it.
“Hop in the shower Princess.”
Too excited to notice anything amiss, I shimmy out of my clothes and slip into the bathroom, starting the shower. As I’m washing my body, smooth from shaving, I hear the door open. I try to peek through the frosted glass but all I can see is your shadow. I shrug and turn to finish showering. All the while, humming and singing, every nerve on my body alight. As I cut off the water and slide open the door, I see you patiently leaned up against the counter.
“Come here Princess.”
With my towel wrapped around me, drying off, I close the distance between us, looking at you with a giddy grin. You struggle to hide the small smile, seeing me so excited. You clear your throat and tug on my towel. I drop it with a smile. Skin still damp and warm. You move behind me, trailing your fingers up my arm, leaving a wake of goosebumps as you go. I watch you in the mirror as your eyes rake over my body. My nipples harden from the cool air and from the building tension. I clench my thighs in response. As you position yourself behind me, you put my hands on the counter and push on my back a little, leaning me forward.
Once I’m leaned over, chest almost on the counter, you put your hands on my hips. I shift, switching my hips, readying myself for your cock. Instead of feeling your cock, I feel your hands trailing down my legs, pushing them apart, as far as you can without me toppling. I look up, confused and uncomfortable at the distance my legs are spread. Right as I go to say something you lean forward. I can feel your cock press against my ass. Hard and ready.
“Princess, I am going to make your ass red. For a couple reasons with the 2 main ones being hiding things from Daddy and sending naughty photos without Daddy’s permission. I’m going to remind you who you belong to. When we do go down, your ass with signal to anyone who sees it, that you’ve been punished for being a brat.”
I groan in response. “Daddy please just fuck me so we can go down.”
While the intensity of the impact was low, the quick succession of the light pops draws a squeal out of me.
“50 babygirl, count them out loud. Don’t miss a count or we will start over. Don’t move or we will start over. Don’t scream or we will start over. Take your punishment like a good girl and we can get downstairs faster.”
My head snaps up, searching your eyes in the mirror. Looking for the inch that I can latch on to to weasel my way out of the punishment. All I see is a firm look. My bottom lip pouts out, “yes, Daddy.”

After receiving and successfully counting out my swats, I see you admiring your handiwork. With tears still in my eyes and a fire behind them, I go to move around you.
“little girl. Is that attitude?”
I shake my head quickly and now my head. “No Daddy. I was just going to get dressed.”
You nod and I head to put on my outfit. I wince as the fabric of the skirt slides over my ass cheeks. Noticing my discomfort you grab a handful, rubbing the fabric against my sensitive skin. I hiss and you chuckle, smoothing out my skirt. When I turn to the bag to grab my panties, “you don’t need those,” I hear. I turn to look at you and you’re nonchalantly getting dressed. I take a moment and admire you. Smiling sweetly I said “but Daddy, you said you didn’t want anyone seeing what’s yours.”
“Do as you’re told little girl or we can resume the spanking.”
Hearing the serious tone I decide I better save some brat for later. I sigh as I put my panties back in my bag. I’m well aware of the puddle that has formed between my legs. I’m mentally trying to figure out how I’m going to manage to keep my pussy hid and keeping my juices from being obvious. I finish my hair and make up and am ready to go downstairs. Red ass forgotten, I’m bouncing on my heels, waiting for you. “Is my princess that excited?” I smile a shy smile, looking down. While I’m eager to get downstairs I’m also wary of making sure I don’t upset you. Seeing my thighs clenching, you reach down and shove your hand between them. Finding my wetness you smile. You make lazy circles around my clit as you detail the rules and expectations. Trying to focus beyond the feeling between my legs, I bite my lip and nod my head. At the last moment, I feel you slide something inside me. “Since i don’t intend for you to play with anyone tonight, this should keep you on the edge until we return to our room.” As I look to see, I feel the vibrator turn on. “Do NOT cum little girl.” I whimper as we head out, trying to keep the vibrator in without panties quickly proving difficult.

Fast Forward a couple months

We’ve been going to the Book Club for a couple months now and the time is coming up again. This weekend is extra special because, not only is Daddy off, but it’s also my birthday weekend. I’ve been on my very best behavior for a while now and have been loving making Daddy proud. I smile as I remember the little bouts of bratting, smoothing my shorts, goosebumps covering my still pink cheeks from my recent spanking. “I hope Daddy doesn’t forget my birthday spankings,” I say as I finish up my final chores before he’s home. The boys are already settled at grandparents for the night and the evidence of my excitement is pooling in my panties. My thoughts wander back to our most recent play session with a couple we met at a previous party. As I remember the taste of her pussy mixed with your cum, I slide my fingers down beneath my elastic. My head lolls back as I find my swollen pussy lips, wetness slick along the slit and I seek out that hard nub. It’s been so hard since Daddy spanked me and then ran off to run errands. Remembering Daddy makes me pause and remove my fingers. Daddy said to save my orgasm for him and I’ve been so good. I don’t want to ruin it so I scoot down the hall and hop in the shower. I welcome the hot water as it rolls down my skin, scrubbing every inch of myself, shaving and washing my hair.

As I’m putting on my finishing touches, I look myself up and down in the mirror. Im wearing a cute mini dress that barely covers my ass. My nipples stand at attention, begging to be plucked free from the thin fabric. I adjust the hem of the dress to cover my bald pussy as best I could. Daddy likes showing me off and this dress does just that. The fabric is an almost sheer white and hugs my curves. The hem hits just below my ass cheeks, the slightest of breeze sure to expose my pussy to anyone who dares a look. A blush creeps across my face as I picture walking in the party in such a risqué dress. I bite my lip and soothe my nerves reminding myself that Daddy is always with me, watching me, and protecting me. He decides who sees what and if anyone may touch. Knowing this, I take a final look and head down to wait for you. Just as I hit the landing, you’re opening the door.
“There’s my Princess. You look stunning baby girl are you ready to go?”
I bob my head up and down, bouncing on the toes of my feet. You chuckle as you relish in my excitement. Watching me slide into that little girl space is one of your favorite things about going to the parties. I see the sparkle in your eyes and I wrap my arms around your neck.
“Im ready Daddy. Can we go, pleeeaaasssee??”
After giving me a kiss you look into my eyes and then lean me over the back of the couch. I squeal as my feet lift off the floor slightly and I squirm, trying to slide down as my ass is now up in the air, with the front door wide open.
“It’s time for some birthday swats little girl. I want to make sure your ass is bright red when we walk in.”
I groan into the couch but I brace myself for the swats. I count them aloud, never missing a beat, and by the end, you’re doing everything possible not to laugh as just how well behaved I am being. While you know it’s because I’m trying to rush us to the party, you still enjoy the easy behavior sometimes. Though, you wouldn’t trade your brat for anyone. With one final swat we’re heading to the truck. My cheeks are almost glowing through the fabric and my face is flushed to match. On the drive over, you pull my dress down, playing with my nipples. I start grinding my hips down into the seat, seeking release, not even caring about the wet mark I’m sure is beneath me.
“Tsk, tsk…such a horny little girl.”
I moan out of frustration as you lift my dress back over my sensitive breasts. You rest your hand on the inside of my thigh, knowing the mess that I have become, you start making lazing trails up and down my thigh. Always close, never touching, my pussy.
“Come here baby girl and get swallow Daddy’s cock until I cum down your throat. Hands and knees. Good girl. Head down, ass up. No, no…don’t be shy. If they see your wet slit, they see it. You focus on Daddy’s cock and you’ll never know either way.”
I go to work, swallowing your cock down. Gagging and choking. All the while my ass and pussy on display for anyone to see. You cum just as we pull into the yard and I swallow every drop down. Wiping my mouth with a proud smile I look up at you.
“Good girl, Princess. Now, are you ready for your birthday party? Daddy’s been talking with Eddie for the last month. This party is going to be a little different, in honor of your birthday. You’ll see some familiar faces and some you may not recognize. Just know that every person here, is here to celebrate you. You’ve been such a good girl for Daddy and I want to give you a gift you’ll never forget.”
A shiver of anticipation runs down my spine and I swallow down a lump. The excitement is replaced with hesitation. “People we know, Daddy?”
“Don’t worry baby girl. There’s no one who shouldn’t know, here.” I nod and slide out of the door you opened for me, adjusting my dress down. I check my inner thighs and see the slickness that has started to come down my thighs.
“Don’t you even think about wiping away the wetness Daddy caused.”
I turn my head, argument on the tip of my tongue, when I see your face, stern and leaving no room for protests. I swallow down my retort and give a small pout. After grabbing the bags, you give me a gentle push and we start up the drive. My frown immediately falls away as the doors open. I feel my chest rise as I suck in air, the lust palpable in the house. You usher me back to our room and we do a quick clean up and head out.
The party is a hit and there’s cake, dancing and games. All of our friends are there and, after a couple of drinks, I am feeling more comfortable in my scantily clad outfit. The party is (almost) wholesome and I’m having such a good time, I almost forget where we are. The music cuts off and I hear your voice come over the microphone. My blush is dark red as I hear “Princess, go downstairs, strip, and get in the swing. There is someone down there to help you. Be a good girl.” I duck my head, feeling embarrassed about the situation that just occurred with our closest of friends. I stomp down the stairs and see a handful of women standing around, drinking, laughing and wearing even less than me. My steps slow as I try to process where this group came from, while reeling from what just occurred upstairs. As I reach the bottom, a pretty red head comes over and takes my hand. “Hi! Happy birthday. You’re going to have so much fun,” she says, as she unzips the back of my dress. She helps me into the swing and I go to close my legs while I wait just to feel my ankles being strapped to the straps. My mouth falls open as I start to protest. “Hey! Take those off. My Daddy isn’t down here!” My eyes wide, I start to wiggle in the swing, trying to find a way free.
I feel a familiar hand sliding around my neck and I still. “Little girl, do you not trust Daddy?”
I nod my head, unable to speak with the pressure on my throat. I feel your breath tickle my ear as you whisper “you must be sure little girl. Do you trust Daddy?”
“With my everything Daddy.”
You remove your hand and I gasp in a breath just as you slide a blindfold over my eyes, plunging me into darkness. I try to look around for the edge of the mask, trying to sneak a peek and find none. The mask is completely flush to my face, robbing me of any sense of sight. I feel my breathing pick up as I become very aware of the silence in the room. I work to calm my breathing and focus on what I can hear. Whispered voices and shuffling feet surround me. I try to turn my head towards voices, straining to make out the words when I hear your voice, loud and clear.
“Thank you all for coming to celebrate my baby girls birthday. Some of you know us personally, some of you know us intimately. While there are 2 distinct groups of people present tonight, those who have remained after the PG party, have been filled in our the plans. You see, my princess here is always in control, even when she’s given me control, she still holds an element of control. My princess, in her deepest nature is a submissive. Whether by *** or willing. She has one fantasy that took some leg work on my end. I wanted to vet all of you myself to make sure, the intentions would remain clear and upfront with the goal being, my princesses fantasies fulfilled. She has no idea who is here now. She will never know who was here. This was all part of the agreement you all signed to take part in this. Eddie has graciously rented the place out for us tonight, keeping the number of people to what I required. Other than me and him, my princess will not know who was here and who did what. Dire consequences will happen to anyone who breeches this contract, whether a personal friend of a sexual encounter. I take my princesses safety very seriously and won’t take kindly to anyone threatening the life we’ve made.”
You smile down at me, taking in my erratic, shallow breaths. You trail your fingers down my throat, between my breast, and down my abdomen. I arch against the restraints, whining as your fingers leave my body. “Happy birthday Princess. I am going to enjoy watching you get taken in every hole, in every position, and in every way. You are and will remain the only woman down in this basement. Undivided attention will be on giving you pleasure in every way imaginable. You will be pushed to your limits and past but, don’t worry baby girl, Daddy will make sure you are never hurt and you know our safe-word is always the way to stop. Every man in this room has fantasized about fucking you and are eager to replace their hands with your holes. Daddy will be here the whole time, though Daddy will be taking advantage of the women who have graciously lent us their partners for the evening. It’s only fair baby girl. You wouldn’t want them to be watching you get fucked silly, their pussies soaked without relief, would you,” you tease.
“N-n-no Daddy…” I start to protest. Nervousness settling in. I don’t know who, if any of our friends are left. I don’t know the men that are even down from previous play sessions. The thrill of the unknown starts to terrify me. “Shhhh….Princess. Trust Daddy. I know this is something you’ve always wanted but would never do. Especially not if you can see. Don’t be scared or embarrassed. I promise you, there’s not a soft cock in this room and the women who willingly stepped aside to let their partners participate? Yeah, they have been promised a session with you too. So, the people who are still here, are just as depraved as we. I love you princess and I’m just a safe word away.”
I tremble as I feel the cold air in wake of where you had been standing. There’s a shift in the room and I can head people moving closer. My whole body is shaking in both *** and excitement. My pussy gives away my excitement and I feel a finger slide up my slit. I buck agains the swing, trying to press against the finger. As I hear someone speak, is try to see if I can recognize the voice and realize that the voices are muffled. Before I can try to work out why, I feel a mouth enclose around each of my nipples just as that exploring finger plunges into my core. With a few come hither motions of that finger, coupled with the sucking of my tender nipples, I cum hard and fast. My head still spinning, I feel a tongue circle my clit, all the while, the finger inside still stroking against my gspot. In only a few minutes, another orgasm is ripping through my body, making me squirt all over the mouth working my clit. Before I even have a moment to be shy about squirting, I feel a cock lining up with my still pulsing pussy. I scream as the mystery man rams his cock deep inside me. Stopping inside, allowing me to adjust, he starts his assault on my too tight pussy. As he is fucking me, countless hands start running all over my body. The sensory overload has me screaming and bucking as another orgasm rolls over me. The man’s cock start to pulse and he pulls out, cumming all over my stomach. As quick as he finishes. a quick towel wipe across my stomach and I feel another mouth on my pussy. This time fucking my quivering slit. Before I can recover from my previous orgasm, another starts to build. Stars flash behind the blindfold as my mind begins spinning from lust. My body is used in the most delicious ways and all the while, I am safe. When I’d start to feel self conscious or dirty, like magic, Daddy would be whispering reassuring words in my ears. Telling me what a good girl I was and how proud of me he is. He would also describe what he was doing sometimes, which would refuel my own fire. Just when I am sure everyone must be done and I’m hanging limp in the swing, body still twitching with after shocks, I feel the bonds released and I’m lifted from the swing. Thrown like a bag of potato, I’m carried over and laid on a bed. As I’m flipped onto my hands and knees, I feel my ankles locked into something. I move my knees, testing the contraption and realize I can’t close my legs. I am then laid over a wedge pillow with my hand s stretched forward. My ass high in the air, pussy open and dripping, hands bound to the head of the bed. I feel a tongue as it trails from my clit up to my asshole and then back down. I squeal and squirm, finding no give in the restraints. As the tongue starts to focus its assault on my asshole my body flushed with heat. I try to protest, but it’s weak and doesn’t even get a response from Daddy. You know that my pussy is soaked and you’re watching from the side, knowing how I am about anal, you made sure I’d orgasmed so many times that my lust would outweigh my mind. While you love my mind, you know it gets in the way of my sexual willingness sometimes. That same pretty red hair is now wrapped in your fist as you bob her head on your cock, groaning as you watch me starting to relax my asshole. Your smile dark as you nod to the men you chose for this portion. You don’t want your baby girl hurt but you always want to make her more pliable to your cock in her ass. You want to see just how far you can push me while ensuring it’s a journey full of lust and pleasure.

To be continued
This is the most recent story so I’ve got to write the part 2 still. I’ll be uploading other short stories as well 🥰

waiting for part 2, part 3, and everything until happily ever after, and i hope the princess deserves what she gets ♥️😈

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