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Polishing Chlorinated Latex


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Hi there! 

I'm VERY new to latex wear and have never worn anything in my life, however in about 1 month I will receive my first catsuit.  It will be chlorinated by the company I bought from.  But they do not shine it with silicone after chlorination.


My big question:  Is it possible to use a Polish like "Vivishine" on chlorinated latex?  I would love to have that mirror-like shine on the outside.  I'm aware that chlorination makes it smooth already, as you don't need lube to get inside.  But I love the extra slipperyness of silicone lube.  I might use a bit on the inside as well to glide even better while I'm moving around inside.  


Is this a good idea? Has anyone tried this with chlorinated latex before?  Either "vivishine" or any other silicone based treatment on chlorination?

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