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into the woods with trepidation

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She stared glassy eyed through the storm drenched windscreen into the abyss. The wipers whirring a comforting beat had stopped and suddenly her trepidation loomed large. In the silence it was just her and the prospect of the elements howling against her fragile little clothing and slutty flesh. And she loved it.

What had possessed her to creep out of her home so exposed? No thought as to how she would need to cover her modesty when her innermost fantasies had been acted out.
Perhaps she was in a trance like state.. switched off ..allowing fate to consume her. Her puppetry complete. Suspense of her free will did not explain it because she was indeed a willing participant in this drama. Her drama...mapped out carefully over and over to drive the needle up on every sense to max.

"So...are you ready? ". No answer. She was taking in the feelings. The leather and metal bindings pinching her a little ...but creaking deliciously. The flimsy lingerie contrasting against her soft white skin and heavy clasps. The short swinging raincoat she had managed to grasp on her way out ..oh so short ..would it hide her modesty until they were deep into the trees and out of sight of the lane? It hadn't afforded much protection for the lower half of her ass as she modelled it in the store. But it moved wonderfully when she paraded for him earlier. But now she had unfeasibly high heels and she hadn't bargained on the impact of those extra 2 inches.

Chivalry was not dead. The passenger door ajar and she swivelled her cute butt across the soft white leather seats and placed those heels down into the verge beneath. So muddy the heels sunk in immediately. A twirl and her coat was on . Was anyone looking? She no longer cared.

She was officially now the fuck doll...to be used.

She had rolled the dice and that had sealed her fate. The 4 had her tied to a tree in a rainstorm. Her mouth a receptive vessel for his fluids. 6 had her spread wide open across a warm car bonnet ankles strung up to wing mirrors and clinging to the steaming metal as she would be pounded. Either way it was going to get wet and messy. Tottering forward with her arm in his and just a slight tension on her leash they headed into the wood to find their tree. She wanted it all and the green forest freshness and pitter patter heralded the onset of her much awaited drenching. She felt his palm cupping her left buttock and smiled. Perhaps it would be OK after all.

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