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Brat Breaking (CNC)


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Lucia was a sexy and busty latina. Tan skin, huge brown eyes, pouty lips and fantastic 38Es with big thick nipples.

She was a fun submissive playmate, but she loved to be a brat 

We were on my couch watching a movie. She reached over, unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my cock. She was stroking it while watching the movie.

I rubbed her tits and took off her top and bra.

I was playing with her huge mounds whole she stroked me

Suck it, I said.

No, she replied and squeezed my cock.

Put it in your mouth.

No. You cannot just tell me to suck it. You just want to treat me like a whore and cum in my mouth, or on my face or on my huge tits.

I do though.

I stood up with my cock in her face.

Suck it.

She glared up at me

Suck it.


I pulled my belt off and looped it around her neck and tugged on it tight.

Suck it. And I pinched her nipple.

She spot on my cock and sucked it.

Her big brown eye looking at me with her pouty lips wrapped around my cock.

I grabbed a tit and squeezed and tugged on the belt.

I stood her up and pulled her pants down around her ankles.

Slut. Your not wearing any panties.

I put her on all 4s and slapped her ass with the end of the belt, still wrapped around her neck.

She groaned.

I got behind her and pumped her pussy.

I tugged on the belt and squeezed her tits.

I pinched her nipples.

Daddy, can I cum on your dick.

Please Daddy 

Are you my slut?

Yes Daddy 

Is that my mouth?

Yes Daddy.

Is this my pussy?

Yes Daddy.

Can I cum anywhere I want?

Yes Daddy please let me cum.

I tugged on the belt tight and pumped her harder and deeper 


She let out a moan and pushed her ass back. 

I'm cumming. She moaned over and over.

Ii pumped her faster and harder 

On your knees I told her as I pulled out. She pushed her huge 38Es up and together for me. Opened her mouth and tilted her head back.

I stroked my cock over her and shot my loaded on her face, in her mouth and all over her huge tits.

Thank you Daddy, she said with a smile 


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