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Day trip


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As they drive in the car she was ordered to remove her pants and open her legs. As he drove his hand wandered across into her thigh. As his hand stroked her leg she bite her lip in excitement. She could see him getting hard though his trousers. But knew she wasn't allowed to touch.....yet at least.

With his hands going up further she opened her legs a bit more. Allowing his hands to slip onto her pussy. His hands slowly going down and then sliding his fingers around her clit and slowly into her wet pussy.

A few minutes later "remove your bra" he ordered. As she slowly undid her bra and slipped it off from under her shirt. Her nipples erect with excitement.

As they pulled into the wooded area she knew what was next.........he ordered her out the car and said "run you have 2 minutes to run, then you're mine for the hunt"

Off she ran into the wooded area, unsure if she should hide or run further into the woods.

"I can hear you" he shouted. As she ran further into the woods, confused which way she was going. She then tumbled over a root and landed on her hands. As she turned yo get up she saw him.

Grabbing her by the hands he pulled her to trunk. Then ***d her over the trunk, as he grabbed her ass firmly and spanked it so it echoed through the trees. Then pulling his cock out he slid it into her wet dripping pussy. Feeling under her top he found her soft ample breasts to squeeze as he fucked her. No no she screamed as he fucked her. Then turned her over to see her face as his fingers rubbed her clit. She moaned and moaned as he played with her clit. Then lay her down and ate her pussy as she grabbed the ground in eagerness. He could feel her tensing up, "cum now for me" with hearing that he could taste her cumming as he ate it. As she lay there he stood over her. She then thankfully took his cock and played with it whilst sucking and kissing his balls. Then slowly took his cock her mouth and she squeezed his ass to get more cock. She could tell he was close. Then she pulled away as he came all over her face and tits.

If you don't beat me back to the car, you won't be allowed to wear your underwear home he said. What would her husband think then.....
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