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Playtime for my sweet puppy

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I'm home!

Well, hello! Somebody's sure happy to see me! Who's my happy little puppy? C'mere and give me a kiss.

Now, have you been a good girl and done your chores? Why don't you go fetch one of your collars and your leash while I check?

Hmm, everything looks good in the kitchen. And in the bathroom. Good girl! I think I know a puppy who gets to play tonight.

<sigh> I've had a long day and could use a little play time myself. So let's snuggle on the couch together for a bit. There was something else you were supposed to do for me today, remember? I want to see if you did.

That's right, pet, lay over my legs. I want to play with your tail. Mmm, you like that. Does that tail plug feel good in your ass, puppy? Did you have it in the whole time you were edging for me? Mmm, very good. Oh, yes, you have been my good girl, you're so wet and swollen. Wag your tail for me, pet, show me how happy you are that I've come home to play with you. Wag your tail while I tease your pretty little slit with my fingers. Ooo, now you're all growly. Do you need one of your chew toys? Go on and fetch that for me. Go on, pet, the faster you bring it back, the faster we can get to play time! <pause>

Good girl, now hop back up here and get settled again, I'm not done with you. Unless you'd rather play tug-of-war with your chew toy, that is. No? Good. Because I think we can bring you to the edge one more time. You're so wet, my fingers just slide right in. That's what you wanted, right? I don't hear any more growling, just that delicious little whimper that tells me you need more. How much more, pet? How close are you to coming all over my fingers? <low laugh> I think that's enough, then. Now roll over and lick them clean. Mmm, yes. You're being so well-behaved today. I'm glad you're taking your training so well, because I don't want to punish you again so soon. I don't like to do it, but naughty puppies need discipline. That's the only way to learn to behave.

Not tonight, though. It's time my good little puppy got some belly rubs. That's nice, isn't it? Belly rubs, <kissing sound> and belly kisses. <more kissing>

Now let's get your collar on. Oh, you brought me the blue one! It's so pretty. My pretty puppy needs a pretty collar, right? And the leash...there we go. Want to go for a walk, girl? Where do you do want to go...the bedroom? Then let's go to the bedroom. But don't dash off without me! This leash stays in my hand, okay? And don't forget your toy, you know you're not supposed to leave them all over the house.

Ooohhh! What a sweet little thing you are. You already turned down the bed for me! That's a very good puppy. But you didn't lay it in while you were edging, did you? You stayed in your bed down here. Go on, curl up in your little bed and show me what you were doing to yourself while I was gone.

Aww, I love those happy little growls when you've got your favorite chew toy in your mouth. So this is what you did for me today? Rubbed your clit with one hand while you wiggled your tail in and out with the other? That explains why I've got such a horny little puppy on my hands now. You're just about to burst, aren't you? Well, keep going while I get undressed, but remember, no coming yet!

<optional sound effects: getting undressed>

But since you've been so good today, you get a special treat. You won't have to wait to come until after I have. I think today you get to come with me.

So show me what a good puppy does when I sit on the edge of the bed. That's right, kneel in front of me and nuzzle between my legs. Find something you like there? Yeah? You know what to do, that's a good girl.

<Moaning throughout this section> It's all right to touch yourself now, pet, this is for both of us tonight. Oh, I love seeing your tail wag when you wiggle your hips. My little puppy's so excited, so eager. It feels good, doesn't it? Playing with your clit while my cock's in your mouth? And it's even better this time because you know you get to come at the end.

No, stop that, no teeth! That's what got you into trouble before. Good pets remember where they're allowed to chew, and where they're not. If you do that again, you'll need to go fetch your paws and put them on, and then you won't be able to touch yourself anymore. Then you'll have to wait to get your treat until after you've given me mine. Is that what you want, pet? Oh, my sweet little thing, there's no need to whine. I know you like to bite when you're excited, but it's a bad habit, and good puppies don't have bad habits. Can you be a good puppy for me again?

Mmm, that's right. <plenty of moaning again> Oh, yes, that's my good girl. Go on and play with yourself again, but don't go too fast. Remember, you're going to come with me. And my good girl gets some scritches, too, no, I haven't forgotten how much you like my fingers in your hair and my nails scratching your scalp. Oh, look at that tail wagging, such a happy puppy. A little petting and you just melt, don't you? That's right, that's my sweet girl, oh, keep going, faster now, don't stop...

<improv however you like to orgasm, sprinkling in “good girl/puppy/pet”, etc.>

<sigh> Feel better now, pet? Good. I'm so proud of my sweet puppy. You did so well today. How about we get cleaned up and then have some snuggly blanket time? With tea and a movie? We haven't had much time for that lately, and I think I need it just as much as you do. But before we take your collar off, c'mere and give me a kiss. <kissy sounds!> I've got a little surprise for you, too. A new charm for your collar. I left it in my pants pocket, why don't you go fetch it so I can put it on?

Good girl! See, it's got your name engraved on it, and a little pink rhinestone heart. I know you like your shiny things. Oh, I know, it will match your pink collar better, but we can switch it later. Right now I just want you to know how proud I am of you. So let me... <pause> There you go.

Oh, you want to keep your collar on while we snuggle? Of course, pet. Just remind me to take it off before bedtime. And since you've been such a very good puppy today, you can sleep with me in my bed tonight. I have a feeling that our snuggling won't stop at the end of the movie. <kiss>

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