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An Anniversary Fantasy... For Who?


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"OK, you can open your eyes," she said.

He opened them.  Thank goodness for that.  

There, in his sitting room, was a gunge tank.

He couldn't believe it!  What was happening.

"I know you're into sploshing and it's a big fantasy of yours," she said, "So - given it's our anniversary I thought I'd help you with a fantasy"

"Oh, wow! I love you!" he exclaimed.
"I know," she grinned.
"So, you're actually going to...?" 
"I thought we'd have some fun - so I hired this tank and thought we could do a game to keep it fun"
"Sounds great!"

She picked up a bag on the floor.  "Firstly, you need to get changed into this"

He opened the bag and got both excited and embarassed it was a sissy maid outfit.

"Well put it on," she instructed.
"Who is getting gunged?" he asked.
"Well - I know you want to gunge me... but I also know you have a fantasy about being dressed up at gunged.  One of those is going to come true... at a cost"
"A cost?"
"So... you can either get changed - climb in and I press the button and gunge you.   Orrrrr... we can play a game.  If you win, you get to gunge me as I am - if you lose, then, well, you get gunged and I get one of my fantasies"

He thought he couldn't lose on this, and, of course her helping him with his fantasy - he would of course return the favour.

"OK, can we do the game?" he asked.

"Of course, just get changed"

He returned in this horrific overblown sissy maid outfit - stockings, small outfit - and it was very pourous - any sliming was going to ruin this.

On the table was a small pile of cards, about a dozen, "We're going to play avoid the Ace" she said.

It's a very simple game where each person takes a card from the pile and if you draw the ace, you lose.

They sat down - she invited him to shuffle the cards, to make sure it was fair.

"Are you ready?" she asked
"Yes!" he had an excited and nervous smile.
"You first," she invited.

He pulled the first card from the pile... the ace of spades!

"Oh, you lost on the first card," she laughed.
He blushed a bit - but was a bit "Oh, fairs fair" - possibly hoping for a bit more suspense - but, here he was getting at least one of his fantasies, on his anniversary.

He sat down in the chair on the gunge tank. There was some bondage equipment - she attached a spreader bar to his ankles, "your legs are wide open like the little slutty maid you are!" and shackles from the top of the tank to keep him in place and arms spread.

"You comfy?"
"Umm, I guess"
"It's ok - you won't be in long"
She then fit a ring gag to him, ***d his mouth open and kept him quiet.

She opened her laptop on the table.  Typed something on an open messanger window and turned the webcam on and to record.

"You took your time" came a voice from the back.
A guy he didn't recognise came through.

"So, time for my fantasy."
"It's my fantasy to use your fantasy against you and to humiliate and cuckold you"

He shook his head in horror.

She walked up to him and whispered.
"This is your choice - if you tug the right chain it releases the slime - if you release the slime, I stop.
Otherwise, I have a remote that will also release the slime - and I want to release it as I have an orgasm like one you couldn't give me."

She put her hand under her dress and then rubbed her fingers in his mouth "taste how excited I already am"

He blushed and looked uncomfortable.

She walked off, "Remember, if this gets too much you can stop at any time"

He could only look in horror and embarassment as his girlfriend of 5 years lay flat on his sitting room floor having sex with another guy.  Yet to add to his embarassment he was also erect, which he found confusing.

As he thrust again and again, she screamed in pleasure - he came closer and closer to pulling the chain while the other guy came closer and closer to climax.

And, to plan - as she felt the cum fill the condom inside of her, she hit the button on the remove - deluge of slime encased her cuckold boyfriend.
It poured from both the overhead nozzle and sprayed from internal pumps to quickly coat and ruin him in an extra humilating sliming. 

When the encasing stopped - he felt his partner clear his eyes with a towel - so he could see her in her post orgasm glow.

She removed his gag.
"What did you think of that?"
"Thank you," he gasped.
"Oh, so you're happy to be my little cuck... this could be an interesting new life for us"
He didn't speak
"If you want to please me, open your mouth"
He did as instructed.
"I will let you taste me"

She placed the condom inside his mouth.  

There he sat, covered in slime, in a sissy maid outfit, chewing a condom filled with the cum of a guy who'd just fucked his partner in front of him.

"OK," she said, "Enough now" 

She loosened the cuffs so he was free.

"Right... now you've your hands back you can take off the spreaderbar and clean up... we're off out for dinner.
We've already got your wallet to pay for it... don't wait up..."

Powerful cuckold story.
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