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A crush on my English teacher and sexy bookworms everywhere

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Dear Miss

I want to control your rhythm
with clever words ensnare your love
Care and feed your voyeurism
with sights and smells and sounds
Tell the tale in the margin notes
Of amorous adventures and daring scenes
Capture upon the cyber page
Your most wicked fantasy deeds.

Drown in my salacious adjectives.
Allow yourself to be possessed.
As the syntax gets ever more choking
Your daring thoughts undressed.

I bring you exciting pronouns. Laid bare.
Let them confound you
Be still my most perfect angel.
Feel the tension. The silence of our stare was palpable.

Prepare yourself for a tsunami of metaphors
To crash around you.
Stormy stanzas sear into your mind
Feel the aliteration vibrate between your thighs
Let's wallow in your sighs.

As you fall to your knees
And watch. Simply watch and listen.
Every word. Each breath a rising chest ..
Perspiring beads appear to trickle o'er that hot flesh
Expectation. Anticipation.
Unbearable subjugation.

"It's okay sweet angel, don't be nervous "
Kindness has its place.
But by your provocative nature

Your flirtatious dress

you've made your bed..
your essence at first caressed,
now enslaved...hurting
.. and possessed.

The tide of my words will lap your shore
Back and forth in delicious fright.
Drip now a cascade of sweet nectar
for your most attentive lover's delight.
To complete your defeat
Read to you slowly, a deep Englishman's voice.
Your toes curl.
Your tummy tightens.
Eyes wide. You shudder.
Cum now.
Cum all over my words.
Cum again; and again; and again
Collapse into my syllables of seduction.

Time passes but you rest so still.
Gentle praise. Calm affection fills the air
Covering you up. Keeping you warm.
A library of beauty. Each another adventure
Of leather bound words.

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