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Story: Quoth the Raven


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Once upon a midnight dreary, while I doomscrolled, weak and weary,
Flicking past many a boob or pussy, strangers fucking and much more—
While I swiped, not yet touching, suddenly there came a buzzing.
My phone vibrating, vibrating softly from its dock upon the floor
"'Tis some pervert" I muttered, "liking content on my phone across the floor—
Only this and nothing more."

There I found deep within my inbox clutter, where amidst the flirt and flutter,
An alert, from a goth girl called Raven, a stunning ten to my humble four.
Not a modicum of shame upon her, her words a whisper of hushed wishes, of darkness and of *** and more
But, she was clear with her intent, to be spanked over my knee til she was sore
To be spanked over my knee til she was sore
She awaited my response as she begs for more.

This stranger having caught my fancy, in her matching bra and panties,
At the sweet and wicked filth of the countenance she had sworn,
"With thy cunt so wet and shaven," I said, "though art a beauty, goth girl Raven
With your skin so delighting and your mind so enticing
Tell me what thou wishes to be known, beauty Raven, if you find what you are seeking" I implore
So quoth Raven "Just a whore"

Much I marvelled this goth's profile, to see who she was to entreat me,
Though it answered little—barely a stitch had she worn
Though in itself was unsurprising, such an image caused my eyes to widen,
Ever yet I was blessed for seeing her message again, same as before—
For I'd asked her how she'd be treated, should she knock, knock on my door,
With no delay came “Just a whore.”

Startled at the forward nature, this reply from such gorgeous creature.
“Doubtless,” said I, “what she insists is the same as before"
Always seeking such ***ful play, and curious what this Raven would say
Each reply insisting, and becoming much more persisting
That I treat her as I wished, as she had mentioned just before
'Please' begged Raven, 'Just a whore'.

So here perches Raven, never flinching, holding poses so bewitching
Spread eagled, facing forward, bruises upon her very core
Her beauty uncomparing, as with sweet and gentle caring, I lay the punishment of which she stated.
And as she shudders with each impact, her eyes wide in *** galore.
There squirms this goth girl Raven who was so vehement
She be treated like a whore.
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Beautiful. I'm so happy to see creative writing here. 

Yes real erotic thoughtful prose writing, whatever your view, choicest words do envelope you, bringing you into the fore, luv 🖤💋
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