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Study Group

The brochures had been confusing until Jennifer stepped in to help. Mary couldn't find something that suited her amongst the hundreds of courses on offer, and she was beginning to lose hope of ever gaining a meaningful qualification. Her kids had flown the nest, and, after finally having the courage to divorce Robert, Mary wanted to forge a new future for herself.
She handed her best friend a coffee, and pointed at the scattered pamphlets on her table.

“There is just so much choice, Jenny! All I want is something so that I can find a job helping others like me; how hard can that be?”

Jennifer smiled and sat at the table. She herself had gone back to school nearly a year ago, and was full of advice for her friend.

“Narrow it down, Mary. At the front of each brochure there is a list of all the courses they offer; eliminate those without a Social Care class and you're half way there! I think the school I attend has something you may like, so lets start there?”

Jennifer looked through the pile of paper before raising a leaflet with a flourish.

“Here it is! Its a great place, Mary, and I'm positive it will give you exactly what you need.”

There was indeed a course that suited Mary, and could ultimately lead to a new career in marriage guidance! Though her own marriage had been doomed, Mary was still a traditionalist, and she believed that if there was still something there a relationship could be saved. All you had to do was find the key.

The Admissions Office helped her complete all the necessary paperwork, and, after a brief tour by Jennifer of the campus, Mary felt more than ready to start. The start of term couldn't come fast enough!

She was surprised that there were so many other people her age going through the same process, and quickly felt herself at home in the learning environment. Her course work, while fascinating, was very “reading oriented”, and Mary had hoped it would be more based around discussion in the classroom. She felt reading was a singular way of learning, solitary, and she loved the idea of opinions being bantered around in a group.

When she had chance of a one-to-one with her Tutor at the end of the third week, she raised the subject tentatively. To her surprise, he had news for her.

“I am SO pleased you have mentioned this, Mary. I chair a study group that meets after class on Thursdays. You have already been spotted as someone we would love to join, so could you pop along this week to see if it's something you would like to do?”

Mary couldn't believe her luck, so, with a promise she would attend, she left that afternoon feeling all was now in place. Her assignment for that evening was more reading, but with the prospect of actually TALKING about what can help a relationship still fresh in her mind she didn't mind at all.

On the following Thursday, she tailed her tutor out of the city; the Group met at his house and, in his words, it was a more relaxed atmosphere than the classroom. She admired the split-level Ranch-style home they parked outside; its setting in the rolling hills making it a peaceful haven. There were already several cars parked on the large drive, and Mary was filled with nervous excitement at meeting the others and becoming involved in this special group. The living area was all open plan, dominated by large, comfortable-looking leather couches all facing a central fire pit. As Mary and the Tutor entered, the other guests rose to meet them.

There were eight others in the group; four women and four men, and each of them came forward with a friendly greeting to welcome Mary into their fold. Coffee was served, and, at the request of her Tutor, Mary sat next to him while he outlined the topic of the evening.

“We have covered the basics of what can be harmful in a marriage, but for the benefit of our newest member I would like a re-cap session.”

He smiled at Mary before continuing, the group all nodding at his decision.

“There is a great deal of hyperbole within the marriage guidance field. Reams of paper cover the emotional and intellectual reasons a marriage can fail, but, as we have determined in this group, they are missing the real reason. Sex is the first thing that goes wrong, and always proves to be the nail in the coffin of the relationship. Unless THAT is dealt with, the rest is virtually impossible if not a complete waste of time. We should, in effect, be sex counselors and not marriage counselors; we would be far more effective!”

Mary watched as the others in the group smiled and nodded, her mind whirling at his short speech. She had always considered the important part of a marriage to be the caring and mutual nurturing, something Robert had lacked completely, and that was why any physical relationship with a partner proved difficult. To say sex was THE most important thing was pushing it a little far. She coughed quietly, her nerves at speaking up so soon making her cautious. When she had their attention, she spoke quietly.

“Isn't that an over-simplification of deeper problems? If there is a deeper connection, a mutual respect and caring, then surely that is the bedrock of a marriage?”

The woman directly opposite her smiled and leaned forward. Mary couldn't remember her name, it was Lilly or Daisy, something to do with flowers, and she felt a little uncomfortable at the way the woman gazed into her eyes. There was a mixture of sympathy and lust in her look.

“We all thought that as well, Mary. When we came into this course, with our aims of helping others who had been in similar situations, we had all drawn much the same conclusions. What we have discovered, thanks to Malcolm,” She smiled at the Tutor. “Is that without the passion and excitement of a full sexual relationship then ANY marriage is going to struggle, and ultimately collapse.”

Others in the group gave little sounds of agreement before she continued.

“I thought my marriage was failing because of money problems, when, in reality, it could have been saved if I had simply asked him to eat me out.”

The bluntness of that statement made Mary blush instantly. She could feel the flush bloom across her cheeks, and her hand fluttered up to her throat in shock. She sat, dumbfounded, as the woman continued.

“I longed to have him suck on my clit, push his tongue into me, lick my ass, drink the juices that would have gushed from me, if only I had been brave enough. I was taught from an early age it was not a woman's place to initiate sex, and that made me keep silent. Now I know the difference, and what it can mean, my life has never been happier!”

Mary swallowed hard. This was not what she had expected at all, and perhaps she was in the wrong place altogether?
Before she could think of anything to say, another one of the group, Abigail, chipped in with her story.

“It is true, Mary, I had much the same thing. We had everything money could buy, but still we were deeply unhappy, and it was all down to my stupid fears. He wanted me to suck his cock, and I couldn't bring myself to do it! The very thought would make me feel sick, and, before I knew what was going on, he was getting it from a woman in his office. If I knew then what I know now, how enjoyable it is, I would still have it all. I love sucking a man now, and, without the understanding developed in this group, I wouldn't know how to help others.”

The group all smiled and muttered congratulations, leaving Mary to try to figure out what to do next. This was so far away from anything she had envisaged that it was almost unreal. When the man opposite Abigail leaned forward to speak, she couldn't look him in the eye.

“My wife used to whisper things to me in bed. At the time, I thought they were dirty and depraved, no nice woman would say those things. She wanted me to do things to her, make her scream and beg, and it felt so wrong! You can guess the rest. She went looking for someone to do it, and soon I was history. Only now, now that I know I can do those things, and just how exciting they are, have I been able to accept that women have needs too. Without this group I would have been lost.”

There was silence as they all looked at Mary. She couldn't think of anything to say at all, and, when Malcolm placed his hand on her knee, she nearly left the couch in shock. She bit back a squeak and turned to look at him as he spoke quietly.

“For us to help others we must face our own fears, Mary. How can we possibly relate to them if we have our own demons still dictating to us? Here, in this group, we finds ways past those so that we can be more effective. Let us help you with yours, and soon you will be on the road to becoming the counselor people need.”

Mary could feel her throat was dry, and she had no saliva to help. The sense of unreality was washing over her in waves; people just didn't DO this kind of thing! One of the group rose to serve more coffee, and she gratefully accepted a cup with shaking hands.

Flora, (Mary had remembered her name at last), leaned across and placed her hand on Mary's other knee, squeezing gently in encouragement.

“I can see this is a shock to you, Mary, but believe me, it is so liberating when you know that you can truly help people overcome their problems. Tell us about your experiences, and we will all work to get you to where you want to be.”

Mary looked around the group, their faces all reflecting an earnest desire to help her. What could she tell them? As far as she was aware, her sex life had been normal; hadn't it?

She took a deep breath and shrugged.

“Well, Robert and I married young, he was my first boyfriend at high school, and we were together twenty five years. We were great friends for most of that, it was only in the last five years that we drifted apart. Our sex life was good for most of it, we have two great kids, and I enjoyed him on top of me so that is what we did. I liked the feeling of being cuddled. As for me taking his, you know, into my mouth,” She shook her head, “he never asked and I never really gave it much thought. I wouldn't know what to do anyway! I remember he once went to kiss me, down there, but the thought made me feel funny so he stopped. We never tried again, and it didn't seem to matter. Our marriage failed because we stopped being friends in my opinion, he stopped caring, and I couldn't face that each day.”

She looked around the room at the others, seeing the pained expressions and small shakes of their heads. She focused again on Flora, who was once again squeezing her knee to get her attention.

“Oh, Mary. You poor dear! I have no doubt in my mind that you would, if you had known how to please Robert and him you, still be married today. I hope, with all my heart, that we can show you exactly what it takes to build the passion required for a long marriage, and then you will be able to share that with others. This is the start of the real learning, Mary, so embrace it with us! We will start simply; after that you can set the pace on what you want to know.”

Feeling completely out of her depth, Mary simply nodded and smiled. Taking her cue from this, Flora turned and beckoned to one of the men.

“Can I borrow that gorgeous cock of yours for a minute, Bill? Mary needs to experience these things before she can relate to others, so we may as well start now.”

Bill rose, unzipping his pants as he crossed the room. Mary watched aghast as he pulled his large, thickening cock out and stood between her and Flora. He was twice the size of Robert, and Mary had a fluttering feeling in her stomach when Flora reached out and started to stroke him. In seconds, Bill's cock loomed large and very hard in front of her eyes. Flora slipped from her couch and knelt in front of him, turning to smile at Mary.

“Isn't he just beautiful? Watch what I do for a while, and then you can take over.”

Flora leaned forward and kissed the tip of Bill's throbbing cock. She stroked her hand along the impressive length, alternately gripping and flexing her fingers to bring a quiet sigh from him. That sigh turned into a groan as she parted her lips and took him into her mouth. She sucked and licked lovingly, very soon using her own saliva to spread with her fingers along the shaft. Mary watched, open-mouthed, as Flora pushed herself ever deeper onto the large phallus. After an extra effort, which made her gag slightly, Flora pulled back and looked at Mary.

“Did you see how I did that? Come and kneel here,” She patted the floor beside her, “and let's see how you get on.”

As if in a dream, Mary slid to the floor, Bill's cock appearing huge as it bobbed inches from the end of her nose. Flora angled it slightly so it pointed at Mary's mouth, her other hand resting on the back of Mary's neck as she talked quietly.

“Don't be frightened, Mary, you have the control. Gently kiss it first, get used to the feel of it on your lips, and then try to take him in a little, okay?”

Mary nodded, and leaned forward to plant a kiss on the glistening glans. She squeaked and pulled back when it twitched against her mouth, but the quiet “Good girl” from Flora gave her the encouragement to do it again. She kissed all over the tip, pleased that she was having the effect of making Bill moan quietly. After a quick glance at Flora, and receiving a nod in return, she opened her mouth and let Bill's cock slide over her tongue. It was the strangest sensation that Mary had ever experienced. The large, bulbous end filled her mouth, and when it throbbed she felt an answering pulse in her hips.

Flora took one of her hands and wrapped it around the shaft, whispering to her to stroke him at the same time, her hand on the back of her neck encouraging her to take him deeper into her mouth. She loved the hardness in her fingers, and, as she stroked and sucked, she could feel she was heating up herself!
She was just settling into a rhythm when Flora tapped her on the shoulder.

“Let me finish him off this time Mary, its something that you will have to get used to slowly.”

Mary sat back while Flora pushed her mouth onto Bill's cock, taking him far deeper than she had, and, in seconds, Bill grunted and gripped Flora's head as his hips shuddered. Flora sucked hard, purring in her throat when she pulled back and a trickle of cum escaped down her chin. She captured it with a finger before sucking it dry, smiling at Mary as she did so.

“He always cums a lot, Mary, so, as you are not accustomed to that, I thought it best I take his load this time. You will have lots of chances to experience it. I can see you enjoyed that, so perhaps another first for you to take care of your needs. I think Malcolm has the best tongue for that.”

She smiled up at their Tutor, who inclined his head in acknowledgement.

“That is lovely of you to say so, Flora!”

He looked at Mary, and patted the place on the couch she had vacated earlier.

“Come back here, Mary, and I will show you something else you have been missing.”

Mary took his hand as he helped her to her feet and she resumed her seat. She could feel her face was burning as he took her place on the floor, only this time facing her. He held her knees gently, and parted her thighs. The skirt she was wearing came down past her knees, and, when her legs could spread no further, he slid his hands down to gather it up and over her thighs. Mary could feel herself shaking. This was now completely, and utterly, outside of her comfort zone. Not only did she have a virtual stranger kissing her inner thighs, but she was being watch closely by eight other people! When Malcolm's lips grazed across the front of her panties she shuddered and groaned. The feelings in her insides were like nothing she had experienced before, there were strange ripples moving around in her pussy that kept making her thighs twitch. She watched, transfixed, as Malcolm lifted her panties to one side, his head lowering again. The contact of his mouth on her heated pussy made Mary jump and moan loudly. Her hips lifted of their own accord, and, when his tongue probed at her clit, she had to place her hand over her mouth to stop from crying out.
She had never felt something so naughty, and yet so deliciously exciting before; and what the hell was going on inside her? Mary could feel spasms, almost like cramps, moving across her pelvis and settling deep into her womb. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry when Malcolm started to lap at her opening; she thought she was going to faint! For the first time in her life, Mary felt a huge gush of heat in her pussy, and arched as the orgasm ripped through her.

She lay on her bed later that evening, her shattered brain trying to make sense of all that happened earlier. The drive back into the city was a complete blur, she was lucky not to have had an accident, and even now she could feel slight aftershocks making her pussy throb. Dear god, what had she been missing all her life?
She groaned and rolled onto her front, opening her assignment book to see what was in store for her in the next class. The subject of “Emotional Detachment” seemed as though it would be a heavy one, and she sighed at the prospect of an hours lecture. As she turned a page, a small slip of paper fell out onto her bed. She unfolded the single sheet, and read with widening eyes the note printed there.

Study Group

Subjects for the next meeting.

Deep penetration as a means to orgasm.

Anal sex as an alternative source of pleasure.

Mary didn't know if it was fear or excitement that made her pussy leak juices into her panties.

Jan 26, 2022

Where do we find such a group?! 😊
Just now, beaut_dream said:

Where do we find such a group?! 😊

Start your own? :-)

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