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A Birthday Breakfast


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"Happy Birthday, I've brought you breakfast"
"Oh, thank you, Mistress" came the voice from the cage.

There was a creak as she unlocked the cage and her slave came crawling out.

He placed a kiss on each slipper clad foot, head not raising.

She lowered the the tray she held to the floor.

It had a dry piece of toast, a teapot and an empty cup.

"Pass me the teapot"

He lifted the teapot, trying to avert his eyes.

"It's OK, look up"

He gazed noticed his Mistress was fully naked, he felt the throb against his chastity cage.

She invite him to look into her eyes.

He did so as she raised the teapot and slowly started pissing in it.

There was something in her face, the glee of sadism in her smile.

As she stopped and placed the lid, she joked, "Best leave it to brew - I did put a teabag in, just for extra flavour.  Have your toast first"

He went towards the toast.

"Is it a bit dry?"
"It is, yes Mistress"
"Pass it up"
He did, again he looked into her eyes as she gleed - oozing a long streak of saliva onto the toast, before lobbing a full hacky hock.

She smeared her own spit on the toast with her fingers.

She placed the plate down and had him lick her fingers.

"What do you say, slave"
"Thank you, Mistress"
"Good boy - enjoy your breakfast in your own time."
"Thank you, Mistress"
"You need your strength up, it's going to be a busy day - you're going to be the cente of attention at the party and I might even let you out of chastity for a bit... for as long as it takes me to ruin you."
"Thank you, Mistress"

She went to walk out of the room.

"I mean it, Mistress. Thank you.  Waking up to a treat like this - it really feels like the best birthday ever"
She smiled, "I knew that this is what you wanted... and that's why I treat you..."

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