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I decided to take you away for the weekend, you dont know where, only that I've told you we'll be outside, maybe some walking, and definitely some camping, your instructions, as well as to pack what you want, is to pack a short skirt, at least mid thigh length, so when we're walking you can tease me as we're going along, flashing me your pussy as you climb over styles, or when you bend over to tie your shoelaces, the only rule is that you can tease me as much as you want but Im not allowed to touch you....

we've been driving for some time and you fall asleep, as we awake its dark when we arrive, you cant make out where we are except we're surrounded by trees, deep in a forest heading down a secluded track. shortly after you awake I pull up and park, look over at you and smile.

"We're here"

you look around, and can see nothing but trees and the dark and look at me increduously. I smile and get out of the car. We grab our bags and I head off into the dark down a path, as you hurry to keep up. I say nothing.

after we've been walking for some time I take a cut off the path, a few minutes further we come to a clearing in the trees. I dump my bag and turn round to you, grabbing you hard I pull you close and pull you hard against me, kissing you deeply, letting you feel my hard cock pressing against you through my trousers. I stop and push you away. Smiling....

I quickly set up camp, throwing down a blanket I tel you to lay down and set up a fire, I stand there and gaze down at you, drinking in your sexiness.

"touch yourself"

you oblige my command, staring into my eyes as you slide your fingers up your thighs, pull up the skirt which you wore for the occasion and lightly start stroking your pussy as I enjoy the view. But I have things to do... I leave you to carry on stroking yourself as the fire gets larger, keeping us both warm I strip off till Im naked, and you can drink in the sight of my naked body and see how hard I am for you as I prepare for what I have in mind, I open my bag, and drop the toys next to you, you look over and see, wondering what I have planned for you.... some anal beads.. a gag, a vibrator... rope cuffs, and watch as I pull a rope out from my bag and throw it over the nearest branch.

I walk over to you without saying a word. holding my hard cock in one hand I wrap my fingers round your hair with the other, entwining them hard, pulling you onto my hard cock, letting you run your tongue up and down my shaft to start with, and then letting you take the tip into my mouth so you can taste my pre-cum, then, slowly, I pull you onto my cock, inching it slowly into your mouth, slowly, ever so slowly, as you feel me start to fill up your mouth, throbbing against your tongue as you swirl your tongue around my shaft I keep pulling you onto me, you start to feel me slide down the back of your throat and start to gag, but I wont let you pull away, only pausing for you to recover your composure before inching forward against till your lips are against the base of my shaft and you can feel the tip of my cock down the back of your throat. I can feel you struggling for air so I hold it for a while, till Im sure that you've understood Im in charge and your my plaything for the night. I slide out from your mouth and throw you down on the blanket. Face first.

I pin you down by your neck and pull your ass up into the air. you feel my hard cock slide deep inside you pussy, gasping as I fill you up and pushing back onto me. Savouring the sensation and moaning out loud with the pleasure... But I have other plans...

I let go of your neck and grab hold of your wrists, I slide out from you, disappointing you and you turn and look at me accusingly - how dare I tease you so... but I pull you to your feet by your wrists, holding them hi above your head I slip the rope cuffs over them. Still keeping them above your head - I walk over to the branch where I threw the rope over earlier, keeping your hands so high you're forced to walk on tiptoes, the fire casting earie shadows against the forest as I hold your arms high and clip you onto the loop I made. Youre stood there now. supporting your weight on tiptoes, as I walk around you, admiring your curves, your sexy body, and planning what Im going to do to you next....

I let go of your neck and grab hold of your wrists, I slide out from you, disappointing you and you turn and look at me accusingly - how dare I tease you so... but I pull you to your feet by your wrists, holding them hi above your head I slip the rope cuffs over them. Still keeping them above your head - I walk over to the branch where I threw the rope over earlier, keeping your hands so high you're forced to walk on tiptoes, the fire casting earie shadows against the forest as I hold your arms high and clip you onto the loop I made. Youre stood there now. supporting your weight on tiptoes, as I walk around you, admiring your curves, your sexy body, and planning what Im going to do to you next....

I pick up a fallen branch from the ground and test it... swishing it through the air, its very light, the end, with leaves still on, I strip the leaves off and break it down to the end, about arms length, splitting up into fine strands at the end, like fingers. I lay it on the ground and realise your watching me. I walk over to my back and take out a blindfold, returing to you I place it over your eyes and tie it behind your neck, afterwards I twine my fingers round your hair again, pulling it tight and pull you onto my mouth so I can kiss you deeply... Then I release you and you totter on the tips of your toes against until you regain your balance as I start working my way down your body with my mouth. Kissing your neck as I run my fingertips up and down your arms and down the sides of your body, lazily tracing your sexy curves as my mouth lowers to your nipples. I take them into my mouth one at a time, holding them in my teeth as I gently flick them with my tongue, circling the other with my fingertips whilst I suck and lick each nipple. getting them bullet hard.

then I work down lower, kissing your belly as you feel me sink to my knees in front of you, my fingertips now running up and down the backs of your legs, stroking you, moving round to the sides... the front... the inside, as you feel my breath on your pussy..

I hold it there for some time, which seems like an eternity to you, blowing and breathing gently against your clit, as my fingers lazily trail up and down the inside of your thighs, each stroke they get higher and higher until they are starting to lightly brush against your pussy, then I stop. I lightly touch your left leg on the inside and slide my fingertips up, crossing over at the top they lightly touch your pussy, pausing monentarily to slightly stroke your clit and slide down your glistening pussy lips, before gliding down your other leg.

You feel my fingertips at your ankles next, tracing the softness of your skin up the backs of your legs, my breath hot against your pussy, higher and higher they slide till they're at your ass. You gasp as I spank your ass with both hands, you can imagine it reddening underneath my hands, as I grab hold of your sexy ass, grabbing it hard, digging my fingers in and pulling you onto my mouth.

Youre already wet as I slide my tongue up your pussy lips and lightly delve inside you with the tip, savouring the taste, but Im wanting to pleasure you at the moment, so my mouth moves slightly higher and fastens over your clit. you feel my turn swirl around it as I gently suck, keeping one hand on your ass pulling you onto my mouth, I slide the other round and slip a couple of fingers into your dripping pussy as I start to suck your clit and tease it with the tip of my tongue. Sliding my fingers in and out, curling them up inside you and pulling you onto my mouth, stroking you from the inside, sometime stroking your pussy lipe, all the time caressing your clit with my mouth as you get wetter and wetter. You let out a little moan of pleasure.

I stop.

"I didnt give you permission to speak"

You hear me stand up and move away.

"You only cum when I let you. You only talk when you have my permission. You have to ask me to do either, and address me as Master when you do."

"Yes Master."

"Good. Now you must be quiet. I dont want you to cum. Yet. Now I must punish you for making a sound"

I pick up the branch/twig, and you feel my lightly trail the tips up your legs till its rubbing against your swollen pussy.


I lightly whip your pussy with the branch.


I trail it higher and circle your nipples, before lightly whipping them again


Your ass this time. Harder, almost leaving marks.


Your nipples against, quite hard, you bite your tongue trying not to make a sound as you get wetter and wetter.


you pussy again, gently though, Im still unsure as to how much pain you like, and dont want your pussy too tender for what I have planned later...


Your ass. Very hard this time, some of the branches break off and you cant help but gasp

"8, 9, 10"

3 light flicks on your breasts in quick succession.

"Well done, you took your punishment well. I am pleased. You are now allowed to cum as a reward. You may still not talk, but I will allow you to tell me when you are cumming"

you nod.

silence falls...

you feel me behind you as I slide my arms around you, kissing your neck as I cup your breasts, pinching your nipples in my fingers as I work my way around your neck, licking your skin and tasting your sexiness before blowing lightly against the wetness to watch your goosbumps rise, you can feel my hard cock pressing against your ass and wonder. Hope. What may be coming next....

you feel my fingertips dig into your ass, parting your cheeks as you feel the tip of my hard cock forcing itself inside you, you gasp and moan as I enter, slowly, then the moan of pleasure turns to one of frustration as I hold it, just the tip inside you. I spank you. Hard.

“No speaking or moaning. Unless I say. Bite your lip or your punishment will be harsh”

You nod. Biting down on your lip, but half wondering if you should disobey me just to get the punishment....

I slide out and step away, letting the silence of the woods wash over you, not saying a word and just let you stand there, admiring your body.

I admire your figure for a while, the legs encase in sheer stockings and suspenders, and the short skirt not even covering your ass so I can admire your bald pussy. I lick my lips, looking forward to tasting that again later. I walk over to the fire and pick up a stick, the end glowing hot with the heat, you feel me close again.

I hold the ember close to your back, letting you feel the heat as I trace it down your spine, not touching you with it yet, till I reach your ass, and let it lightly touch your skin, just enough to make you jump, then carry on downwards over your legs, letting it occasionaly brush against your, leaving slight char marks as it cools. I walk round so Im stood in front of, watching you biting down on your lip, trying to hold the pleasure inside, and start tracing back up your legs until you feel the heat near your dripping wet pussy, but I carry on, to your nipples, letting the ember tip circle one and then the other until lightly touching each one in turn again, and again, each time longer, and each time harder. You squirm with pleasure, your legs writhing together, as you get wetter and wetter, until you feel my cool mouth on your nipples, licking and caressing them with my tounge, soothing them as I hold one between my finger, pinching it hard, and the other in my teeth, as I flick it with my tongue, the other hand drops down to between your legs, my fingers sliding freely your so wet that it gets me even harder, as I trace my fingertips ups and down your pussy lips, stroking, caressing, pinching hard.

I work my way down your body with my mouth till I get to your pussy, taking the ember I lightly thrash your clit with the glowing tip. You cant help yourself but whimper, and I smile, as I pick your up, your legs over my shoulders so I am presented with the delightful meal of your dripping smooth pussy. I start kissing my way up your inner thighs, your left leg, passing over your clit, letting you feel my breath against you, teasing you, before back down the other thigh, then back up again, this time letting my tongue lightly brush against you, tasting you, before back down. My mouth works its way back up, trailing its way with my tongue against your soft skin as you feel my fingertip against your ass, once agains I pass over your pussy, teasing you with the tip of my tongue but this time sliding a finger inside you, gently applying the lube, and then lazily my tongue trails its way down your other leg.

Back up again, biting now, gently. nibbling my way up your legs until my mount is on your pussy and I gently taking your pussy lips in my teeth, first one, then the other, as I start to slide anal beads into your ass, then back down the other leg, with each bite feeding the beads in more.

Back up again. Biting. Hard. The beads going in with each bite. Until no more are left, and you feel my mouth on your pussy, my teeth against you, as my nails grab into your sexy arse, and pull you onto my mouth, my teeth digging into your sweet smooth skin, as the flat of my tongue pushes against your clit, letting me savour your taste before delving inside you my my tongue, holding you hard against my mouth so I can fuck you with my tongue, lapping up your juices as you get even wetter, running my tongue up and down your pussy lips, circling your clit, before sucking on it, trying to pull you deep into my mouth as I flick your clit with my tongue. My fingers slide inside you, first one, then two, then three. I’d love to see if you could take a good fisting, but maybe later when I’ve really warmed you up.... For now I just curl them inside you, stroking the inside of your pussy as though Im beckoning you further onto my mouth, if such a thing was possible.

I feel your pussy tighten round my fingers as you gasp in the cold night air, but sweat is running down your body and mising with your sweet juice. you start to tremble, closer now until I feel you tense.

Not even you can stop from moaning as you start to shudder.

You squirt all over my face. again and again, covering me. I almost cum just with the pleasure of seeing and feeling you cum all over me. It takes all my self control, but I have other things planned for that. I keep licking stroking and sucking, savouring every last drop until you collapse, all your weight heavy against your bounds on the branch high above. I smile and step back. reaching to my pocket for the knife, I let you feel the edge trace its way up your body, over your nipples, and up your arms, and cut you down, letting you collapse to the floor. Spent.

But Im not done yet.

I grab hold of your hair, wrapping my fingers around it. wrenching your head back, admiring how beautiful you look, with the tears of pleasure streaming down your face. You can hardly breath, the orgasm was so intense.


I dont wait to hear what you were trying to say, you only have time to take a gulp of air before my hard cock is in your mouth, sliding deeper and deeper down your throat till you cant help but start to gag, I slide out and slap your face. Before grabbing your hair and start to fuck your throat. You didnt know you could take it so deep but your loving it, feeling me deep down your throat, my cock throbbing in your mouth, harder than you’ve ever known me before, you cant help yourself but reach down with your fingertips to lightly touch yourself again, despite struggling to breath.

It doesnt take me long, you feel me throbbing against your lips, and know whats coming, soon you feel my cum shooting down your throat, as you greedily gulp it down, but more and more keeps cumming, you’ve turned me on so much. you start to chocke so I pull out a little so you can still hungrily suck on my cock, sucking me dry, as I fill up your mouth with my cum, then pulling out to shoot all over your face and tits, then returning to let you suck me dry.

Once Im spent I slide out, and kiss you, licking my cum from your face and letting you taste it on my tongue.

“Good Bitch, now I shall reward you....”
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