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The Vibe Session

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On this beautiful weekday afternoon, I invite you to lay on your stomach on a massage table. Both of us are naked. My warm hands begin on your tense neck and shoulders. I stand directly in front of your downward facing head. You can smell my cologne as I bend over. I take long strokes down, toward the middle of your back. You feel my thigh brushing against your hair. I teasingly stay in this position, and I brush the sides of your breasts with my hands as I come upwards. I notice your legs spread. Just a little bit. As I work my large hands to your lower back, I kiss at the nape of your neck.

As I lower my hands on you body, my kisses follow along. I’m soon standing at your side, my calloused hands gently caressing your soft butt cheeks. You feel my mouth gently kissing the middle of you back.
My hands move further South, as does my mouth. As I reach to massage the backside of your knees, my mouth is putting tender bite marks on your cheeks. I reach for your ankles, and my tongue rims the very top of your crack. Your legs, unnoticed to you, spread just a little more.

My body continues on its journey of tease. My hands reach your feet as my tongue tickles the inside of your knees. I slowly kiss and nibble here. And lick my way to your outer ankle. I’m standing at your feet now. My hands reach up to your thighs as I lick my way upward. Slowly. Purposefully. Like a man on a mission. Like a man with passion. You feel the heat of my mouth on your inner knees. I notice your hips rotate as you spread just a little further.

Looking up, I can see the folds of your outer lips. Delicate and moist. While I want to rush this, I am enjoying the tease. I lick higher up on your lower inner thigh. Alternating to give attention to each thigh. Doing so, allows me to nudge your thighs apart as I progress upward. My warm lips caress the upper most part of your higher thigh. I can smell the intoxicating flavor of your pussy. You raise your hips to give me access. Instead of licking you and quickly giving you an orgasm, I put a folded towel under you. You rest on it, your butt just slightly up in the air.

And again, my tongue and hands head North. My fingers make their way to you thighs as my mouth skips your begging pussy and licks the side of your right breast. You lean on your side a bit, giving me access to your perfect nipple, erect in anticipation.
I whisper. Making sure you can hear me, “Baby?” That one word breaks the silence of the dimly lit room. “Yes, Daddy?”
I smile, and say one word to my pet. “Listen.” Total silence. You pay frantic attention, but hear nothing, your ears stopped up by the effects of fingers and kisses.
“Daddy, I can’t hear anything.”
“Listen. In the background,” as I circle your nip with my tongue.

While your body is captivated by the slow and relentless teasing, you’ve failed to notice the very faint sound I set up earlier. There’s a slender vibrator quietly buzzing on low on the chair by the table. I covered it with towels, so it really is quite difficult to hear.
I pick up one of the covering towels.
“Now listen.”
“I hear something, but I can’t make out what it is.”
My hand move up to your pussy. Oh my. It is wet. Saturated with wetness only my tongue can enjoy. My fingers slide up your lips, circle your clit, and then begin slowly and teasingly pulling each lip.

I bite your nipple and remove one more towel from the toy.
“What is that,” you murmur, your legs spread wide open. “Whatever it is, it’s getting louder. Closer.” Half of one finger penetrates your pussy.
“Maybe you’d hear better if I blindfolded you?”
I move from your side and slip a room darkening blindfold on you. I roll you on your back. You are face up and can see nothing. I notice you spread your legs. I can see in your face that you’re trying to hear.
I pick up the vibe still buried in 2 towels. I put the towels with the vibe inside ,onto your inviting pussy. The towels are warm and wet and feel great against your open legs. The slight vibration causes you to gasp.
“Mmmm I know, now”

“Please, Daddy, take it out of those towels!”
I kneel beside you. You hand strokes my thigh as I lower my head and kiss those towels. With the passions of each kiss, I press the towel vibe onto your pussy. Your other hand begins playing with your left nipple. I notice your mouth open, your breathing quickening.

I alternate pressing the toy onto your pussy, and releasing the pressure. Both nips are so hard. I see you reaching your head down to lick them. Your hand reaches for my cock and squeezes, matching the rhythm of my face pressing into the towel.
I very slowly pull the vibe out of the towel and place it on your inner thigh. I leave it there, taunting you, as I lower my tongue for the first taste. My tongue stretches under you, starting at your asshole. Small circles. Darting in and about. The vibe still on low on your upper, inner thigh. Your fingers reach down from your nips and begin slowly circling your clit. Your clit is erect, standing proud, awaiting release after gooey release.

Your breathing has turned to panting, and your squeezing of my penis has turned to stroking. You feel my hot breath on your pussy as I inch the vibe closer to its final resting place. While my breath is warm, it is matched by the heat from within you. Your pussy is hot to the touch, and I sense precum slip out from my cock slit. You use it to lubricate your small, delicate hand.

I pull the vibe up, replacing my tongue. Your hand is still slowly working your clit, the sheets wet with your first wave. The very tip of the vibe meets your inner lips and your head rolls back uncontrollably. Your chin is up, pointing towards the ceiling, mouth open, and you’re beginning to cum again. I watch your expert fingers work your clit, letting it build. I lower the vibe, to your dismay. I let it rest with just the tip of it on the sphincter of your asshole. Jolts of pure ecstasy surge thru your body as I put my entire mouth over your fingers and clit. While your fingers play, I lick. I watch as your fluids begin leaking out of your pussy. It is so hot to watch you cum.

“Daddy! PLEASE!”
I climb on top to 69 you, your hand directs my member to your awaiting tongue. My face searches your pussy. I lick. Nibbling. Teasing. Searching. I make long strokes up and down your slit, holding that vibe lightly to your butt’s entrance. Your lips are visibly swollen and about to release. You’re breathing in pants, alerting me to the urgency. Your pace quickens as your tongue begs for a mouthful. I put my tongue on your clit, clamp my mouth over as much of your pussy as I can, turn the vibe on high, and place the vibe on my cheek. I move the vibe all over my face as my tongue holds the line. My finger goes up your ass, my thumb into your aching puss. I move the vibrator to my neck and watch your hips rise high. Fluids release from within your core. I move my fingers frantically, willing to use anything to give you that orgasm. Your speed on my dick causes my balls to swell. You pull them away from my body, stretching them, begging for cum.

It’s time. I push the slender vibrating tube into your ass, and pull myself out of your mouth, penetrating your well cummed cunt - I’m balls deep. You’re even tighter than normal and I can hear and feel that toy, from inside you. It rides along my cock as I thrust mercilessly. Long deep strokes as we both fight for breath. We beg for air as we both feel the final wave approaching. Your long, slender nails dig into my muscular shoulders as you squeeze another orgasm onto my cock. You reach down and grab my scrotum, pleading for them to empty inside of you. This time, it my head that leans back. I take off your blindfold so you can take it all in. Our hands exploring our most sensitive parts as we cum together in passion and titillating joy. You raise your hips as hot semen squirts uncontrollably inside you. I bite your neck as unparalleled euphoria captivates our minds. It’s as if we can FEEL the chemicals releasing in each other’s brain. We hold there as long as we both can take it, our bodies both so sensitive now to the touch. The final orgasm, shared together.
Our breathing, that of a sprinter, begins slowing down. We are smiling as warmness trickles out of your love hole. I reach back, turning the vibe from high to low while it’s still in your ass. Your kisses are both ardent and heartfelt. Your eyes say both love and thank you. Our minds and bodies are both spent. As I dismount, a fresh glob of my white cum releases from your clamp of a pussy. I roll you out of the wet spot, and onto your stomach. Sitting on your bottom, I reach up and massage your shoulders. I run my fingers through your hair, leaning down to kiss the nape of your neck. I run my hands down your firm body, pausing at your tits, just like before. I have a sweet tea ready for you on the table. You need liquids. I use long strokes on your back with my fingertips. Your goosebumps turn me on. I lean over, kiss your ear, and whisper, “Let’s do that again!”
I thought it was a good story. Fine day at the SPA is hit ask me 👍
Why this only has four likes and some chick brushing her teeth has 100 is a pretty strong signal to what’s actually going on here.
Thanks for sharing.
Wow, I’m saving this to enjoy again later!
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