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The BJ Under the Table

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It was a normal Friday night. We went out to eat, and were certainly underdressed for a restraint with tablecloths and real cloth napkins. But that’s where we found ourselves. I was surprised we didn’t need a reservation, but we got a table fairly quickly. The long white tablecloth almost reached the floor. The cloth napkins were also white with an array of silverware we were unaccustomed to.

“You have that look on your face, my pet.”
“Oh? Do I?” “What look is that, Daddy?” Now, you had that look in your eye since we left the house. It’s that smile that says you’re horny. “Daddy, can I have an appetizer?”
“Of course, my pet. Just get anything you want.”
She set the menu on the table, and while staring deeply into my eyes, she patted my hand. She smiled, winked, and then slowly slithered off her chair and under our table. I was so taken aback, I’m really not certain if anyone saw her or not, which added to the excitement. I sure as hell wasn’t going to stop her.

I felt her hands on my knees, parting them. She pushed her face into my crotch and exhaled slowly. My dick felt her hot breath thru my jeans. I fumbled with the menu as she unzipped me and pulled out my cock. She wasted no time in licking the head. She does a swirling motion with her tongue that drives me wild. I was instantly hard.

Fine time for the waiter to show up. Of course. We all know they show up when someone’s mouth is full. He asked about an appetizer. Hmmmmm. What to say. I pointed to the menu. “This feels good…. I mean this sounds good. The mussels. We’ll have the mussels,” as my voice began to crack.

She worked on my member, wanting her own special sauce. Her head was slowly and expertly gliding up and down and I’m sure the table next to us could hear her moaning. I simply played it cool. I could enjoy, erupt quickly, and no one would notice.

Omg when it goes in her throat I can’t take it! I did my best to maintain my composure, but holy crap that’s just unfair! My eyes rolled back in my head just for a second. Yeah. So much for composure.

“Are you ready, Sir,” asked the waiter. In my head I thought, yeah. Yeah I am. But I regrouped and said give me a minute. And a minute was all I needed. I felt her go down deep. So deep that her tongue stretched out and licked my balls. My eyes closed. I felt a fingernail on my asshole. Push it in. Push it in. Oh holy crap she did. Does she not realize the waiter is still standing right here, offering his suggestions for our main course? Oh, of course she does. What a little slut.

One more lick of my shaven scrotum and cum was flying out of my rocket like fireworks on the Fourth of July. She kept stroking and wiggling that finger in my ass as she swallowed as much as she could. I actually heard some of the cum drop on the marble floor. It makes such a unique sound. The waiter was just finishing his suggestions for the evening meal as I finished. I ordered, he nodded, and walked away.

My pet pulled the ‘ole, “I dropped something on the floor” bit and crawled back up, sitting in her chair. I motioned to her to clean her chin with that soft, white napkin. Just then the waiter appeared with our appetizer. “Mussels, Ma’am?”
“No, thank you. Just had one.”

I so love this story 🥰

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