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When the dust had finally settled, Christine found she was suddenly a very wealthy lady. After twenty years of marriage, helping him build his business into a small empire, he had promptly dumped her for a thirty-year-old floozy who wore too much make-up and had a liking for blow-jobs in the back of his car. The judge at the divorce hearings had obviously taken the same view as she had; if he wanted to get rid of her then it would cost him. And it had. Thirty million dollars.

Now she had the world at her feet, Christine decided it was time she did all the things SHE wanted to do. They had had no kids, so her choices were endless. After much browsing, the idea of a Caribbean cruise seemed just the ticket. Not only would she see a part of the world she had dreamed of, she would have all the glamour of dressing for dinner and that meant a whole new wardrobe!

With a check in the mirror and a pat of her purse to ensure she had her credit cards, Christine set out to blitz Madison Avenue.

Several hours, and a few thousand dollars later, she sat exhausted in the lounge surrounded by bags. If she was going for two weeks, then it made sense to have a different outfit for every day. She couldn't POSSIBLY wear the same evening dress more than once! Christine giggled like a naughty child; this was going to be the vacation to end all vacations!

The steward escorted her to her cabin, and helped the other crew members stow away her clothes into the spacious wardrobes. She had gone “Luxury Class”, and her “cabin” was more like a stateroom! There was a lounge area, a huge bedroom, and even a balcony where, she was informed, she could take her breakfast each day. She listened attentively while the steward ran through the ships itinerary for the cruise. They would visit five islands in total, and, as she was traveling alone, a female crew member would accompany her on all shore excursions. Her dining arrangements had been organized so that she would be at a different table each night, in that way she would get to meet as many people as possible. He had caught her slightly concerned look, and coughed politely.

“Do not be concerned, Madame, each of your dining groups are from our Luxury cabins, so of a very high standard. If you have any difficulty at all, then all you need to do is ask a member of the crew to assist you.”

When he had completed his tasks, he gave her a small bow and retreated from the cabin. Christine whistled quietly as she explored; they had certainly spared no expense when fitting this place out! The marble bathroom was a sumptuous haven of cool stone, and her bed was large enough to throw a party in! She bounced on it twice, smiling at its softness, before making her way out onto the balcony. She had a wondrous view of New York harbour as the huge ship slipped its moorings and set sail for warmer waters. This was perfect.

After two days sailing they made the blue waters of the Caribbean, and the call went out that their first shore excursion would be the following morning. Christine had thoroughly enjoyed the previous two nights. The company at the tables had been cultured and witty and every one she met had made her feel welcome. She was looking forward to tonight; there was a ball arranged to celebrate their arrival, and already she had received several requests for a dance!

The dinner had been magnificent, and when the band started playing her favourite waltz she had TWO men gallantly ask for her hand. She twirled and danced under the soft lights of the Ballroom, enjoying every moment of her new-found freedom. It was during the fourth dance, a foxtrot, that she became aware she was being watched. She tried to shake the feeling, but she could “feel” eyes on her and mentioned it to one of the women at her table when she paused to catch her breath. The woman, Kathleen, smiled conspiratorially and nodded across the room.

“I think you have caught the eye of the captain, Christine. I noticed earlier he was watching you dance, and I'm sure he would have approached you were he not surrounded by simpering women!”

Christine looked across to see to whom Kathleen was referring. The tall, elegant man in uniform caught the look and smiled, and Christine's stomach did a little flip. He was the spitting image of Sean Connery, and his eyes had that same naughty glint the actor was famous for!

She tried to catch his eye on several more occasions during the evening, but the throng of people dancing meant she didn't really get the chance to get any closer. Despite this, Christine went to bed with a happy smile on her lips. It was all so very exciting!

The following morning, her breakfast was served by the same polite staff, only this time there was an envelope on her tray. With a curious raise of her eyebrow, Christine used one of the small knives to slit it open. Inside was an ornately printed card emblazoned with the ship's crest. It was an invitation!

Captain Michael McCloud

cordially invites

Mrs. Christine Bright

to join him at his table

for dinner this evening.

R.S.V.P through Facilities Officer

Christine gave a little excited whoop and ran through to the internal phone to find out how she could contact someone to confirm she would attend! The Facilities Officer informed her that her place was booked, and if she would kindly be at the entrance to the dining room at 8 pm. she would be escorted to the table. She hugged herself with glee. Now she even knew his name, and he MUST have pulled some strings to make this happen so quickly! With another squeak she scampered over to the wardrobe; what the hell was she going to wear? She started to dismiss those not suitable; this could take all day!

Christine was so engrossed in choosing her dress that she lost all track of time. When a knock at the door revealed the female officer come to escort her for the shore excursion, Christine realized the whole morning had nearly been wasted. She apologized to the crew member and informed her she would be staying on board that day. She made the snap decision to visit the ship's beauty salon and have a complete pamper session. After all, it wasn't every day you were invited to the Captains table!

Several hours later she was back before her wardrobe, narrowing the choices down to a final two. She picked up the most expensive dress she had bought. It was intended for the final night but, what the hell, this was more important! The long, blue gown was different from all her others in its style; the hem rose at the front to just below her knees, while swooping down at the back to pool around her ankles. The top was scooped to reveal just the right amount of cleavage, and she was pleased how the bodice shaped her waist. Being petite, she had shied away from long dresses, however, with the heels bought to match, it gave her legs the length they needed so the dress hung perfectly. She flicked at her freshly-coloured hair; the asymmetrical bob cut suited her elfin features, and she was pleased she had decided to treat herself to a full make-over. The dress brought out the blue of her eyes, and she was more than happy with the image in the mirror. With trembles of excitement building in her stomach, she stripped and went through to take a long, luxurious bath.

The Facilities Officer bowed and took her invitation before leading her across the room. Christine could feel eyes watching her as she followed; the Captains Table was always the subject of the evenings gossip. To her surprise and delight, she found she was placed immediately to his right, and, while she sat and waited for his arrival, she could feel her heart racing. There was a murmur in the room, and she looked up to see him working his way towards the table. He stopped and chatted briefly with some, shaking hands with others, but twice during his journey he looked directly at her. By the time he arrived she was slightly breathless, and his greeting to her didn't help at all. He bowed and took her hand, raising it to his lips to plant a small kiss.

“I am so pleased you accepted the invitation, Mrs. Bright, I have been looking forward to meeting you.”

Unlike his screen double's Scottish burr, Captain McCloud had a deep, Eton-educated voice that seemed to emanate from a place low in his chest. His rumbled greeting vibrated through her hand and all the way down to her pelvis. For a second, Christine thought her knees were going to fold. She smiled what she hoped wasn't a simpering grin.

“I am flattered, Captain McCloud, that you would invite me!”

He gave her the slightest wink, and Christine's knees DID wobble as she resumed her seat.
There were six other people at the table, and after greeting them all he sat and nodded at the staff surrounding them. The dinner commenced with well-practiced efficiency, and the small talk flowed while they waited for the first course to be served. Sipping on her wine, Christine watched his easy charm as he regaled the table with stories from the high seas. He seemed to make a point of including her in each of the tales, and more than once his hand brushed hers as he flamboyantly described some rather risque events! His eyes glittered mischief whenever they caught hers, and she found herself giggling at his openness. The meal went like a dream, and, as the dessert came and went, Christine could feel the light-headed effect of her enjoyment, to say nothing of the several glasses of wine. The table was cleared of all but their drinks, and the band struck up the first notes of the night. Captain McCloud leaned close to her and whispered quietly.

“Forgive me, but I have been coerced into giving the first dance to Mrs. Oppenhiser opposite you. Her husband is a major shareholder in the shipping line, so I must do my bit for politics. Once my duties in that direction are complete, I would be honoured to take your hand for a stroll around the room?”

Christine smiled and nodded into his dark eyes.

“I shall sit quietly, and try not to throw too many daggers in her direction.”

He chuckled and bowed, rising for the dance.

She could see by the smiles that he was fulfilling his duties as he twirled Mrs. Oppenhiser around the dance floor with elegant ease. Christine amused herself with people-watching until the music faded and he once again sat beside her. He mopped at his brow with a linen serviette and feigned exhaustion.

“These duties I have to perform for the company will be the death of me! At least now I have time to relax and enjoy the evening.”

Before Christine could reply she felt his hand settle on her knee under the table. He squeezed gently, his fingers playing with the hem of her dress. She looked into his eyes, and there was something else in there now apart from mischief. There was a definite lust brewing. She hoped he wasn't able to feel her thighs shaking. He took a large sip from his wine and stood, bowing and extending his hand.

“Would you do me the honour of this next dance?”

Christine nodded in return, and he quickly whisked her onto the wooden dance area. It was a slow waltz, and his large hand held her firmly against him as they started to glide. She allowed herself to be led, and he proved to be a consummate dancer. After a circuit of the dance floor, he lowered his head to talk to her quietly.

“I hope you will forgive my candour, but I find petite blondes to be truly irresistible. If they are as pretty as you, I am doomed.”

Christine felt a blush start on her throat, and tried to smile up at him with confidence.

“You have many blondes vying for your attention Captain McCloud, so I am sure you're well taken care of?”

He chuckled deep in his chest, nodding in acknowledgment.

“It is true that, as Captain, I am expected to entertain the guests, however it is very rare that one stirs my hunger to know them better.”

He twirled her and dipped, the pressure of his thigh against her hip making Christine catch her breath. Once upright again, she felt herself being steered back towards their table. He held her chair out while she sat, before ordering a bottle of Champagne from the hovering steward. As he settled beside her, his hand once again held her knee. This time, his fingers slipped under the hem of her dress and stroked higher over her stocking-clad thighs. When he touched her flesh above the lace tops, Christine gave a little squeak, her hand fluttering down to stop him.

“My dear Captain! You will make a lady get all unnecessary if you do things like that!”

He smiled at her, his eyes flashing darkly.

“Forgive me for being so forward. I have wondered all week how soft your skin would feel, and, now that I know, I fear I may have to touch more.”

His hand continued its journey up her thigh under her dress, until the side of his hand pressed against her silk-covered pussy. Christine bit her lip to stop the moan, but her hips trembled and pushed towards him involuntarily. Even when the Steward returned with the Champagne, and he made small talk while it was poured, the Captain's hand was moving against her. She could feel herself starting to heat up quickly, and the flush from her throat was now covering her cheeks. She gasped quietly before shifting her hips slightly away from him, her voice sounding very shaky as she whispered urgently.

“Please, Captain McCloud, I haven't been touched like that for a long time. If you do more, I might not be able to keep up appearances!”

He smiled and bowed, and with a reluctant sigh removed his hand from her thigh. To her shock, he then took her hand in his and placed it in his lap. She could feel the large bulge inside his pants give a twitch as her fingers made contact.

“Look what you have done, Christine. I think that before this night is over I would like you wrapped tightly around that.”

His matter-of-fact manner and words made Christine's pussy give a little gush. She moaned slightly as he placed her hand back on the table and smiled at her.

“A little Champagne, and then we will get back to the art of dancing; there is a tango tonight!”

Christine's mind was in a whirl, and her pussy was giving all kinds of throbs as she sipped her drink. She had never danced a tango before, so when they announced it was the “Captains Choice” and dimmed the lights she didn't know what to expect. He led her onto the dance floor and smiled at her.

“Just follow my lead Christine, and all will be fine.”

The next five minutes were some of the scariest, horniest minutes of her life. The rhythm of an Argentine tango filled the air, and they were off. He guided her with his body, and she had never been so physically aware of anyone before. She was like a doll in his arms, and she couldn't believe the places on her body that made contact with him in disguise of a dance. By the time the music faded out, she was aware her pussy was dripping and his erection had rubbed against most of her lower body! She was tingling all over, so that, when he guided her back to the table, even the contact of his hand on her back made her mewl quietly. The lights had stayed dimmed, and as soon as she was seated his hand went back under her dress. This time, his fingers deftly pulled aside her panties and two of them slid easily inside her. Christine gripped the edge of the table and shuddered, her orgasm breaking immediately, and she lowered her head in the hope no one would see her face. She ground herself against his fingers and came again, her lip sore where she bit into it to hold back the groans. When he pulled his hand away, she almost slumped in her seat.

The tango appeared to be the finale to the evening, and she watched, dazed, as the tables slowly emptied of the other passengers. Captain McCloud gave orders to stewards and other crew members as they tidied the room up around them, and within fifteen minutes the place was almost deserted. With a final nod and a “I'll lock up myself” he dismissed the last of the staff. Christine waited while he went to the far end of the room to close the large entrance doors, her stomach doing a flip as he turned the lights off and walked back to her in the dark. The dining room had taken on a surreal air; the echoes of his footsteps across the wooden dance floor seemed far too loud. He walked up to her and lifted her from her chair, turning her so her ass rested against the table before pushing her down onto her back. She moaned as he pushed her dress up to her hips, and then, with a firm yank, pulled her sodden panties clean off. His head lowered and his mouth found her heated flesh. He ate her expertly, his tongue lashing her clit before delving inside her, and Christine moaned and twitched as he built her up again quickly. He was growling into her pussy, his voice rumbling through the folds as he told her he had been waiting to do exactly this. This brought her to the edge, and she gripped his head as her hips lifted in release once again. As soon as she had stopped shaking he stood and unzipped his pants, his large erection springing out and pressing against her inner thigh. He leaned over her, kissing her gently, as his hand guided the tip of himself against her slick opening.

“And THIS is what I have been aching for!”

Christine wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he entered her, the rush of pleasure making her writhe as he went in deep. He hooked her legs into the crook of his arms and started to move faster, and, through blurred eyes, she watched her feet shaking over his shoulders. He wasn't waiting for her, his movements hard and fast, causing Christine to moan loudly as the table rocked and shook beneath her. With a growl he started to lose his rhythm, and came deep inside her, her hips lifting to greet his hard thrusts as she herself came at the same time.
Finally sated, he dropped onto his elbows, breathing hard as he kissed her tenderly on the cheek.

“Its been a pleasure having you at my table, Mrs. Bright! Would you care to adjourn to my cabin for a nightcap?”

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