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A new office : Part 2 : the first day


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"The rest of the company is mixed, it's just our department that's female-ran," explained Miss Kelly, the assistant he'd met last week.
"Our system is simple but VERY effective.  Our department handles the external recruitment - and help train staff to the company standard
"So, if you do well - there'll be opportunities to move departments where I'm sure you'll arrive fully familiar with conduct standards.  Ladies throughout our company have a much higher job satisfaction and much lower reports of sexism or sexual harassment, because of what we put the men through during training."

Miss Kelly then let out a fart.  The new starter had began his first day nose pressed firmly to her arse while she, well, waffled - waiting for this moment.

The smell engulfed his nostrils and into his mouth, hitting the back of his throat he gave a splutter.

She glanced down.
"Sorry, Miss Kelly" he continued to splutter.
"For crying out loud. Cover your mouth."
he did so, the taste was foul.

She passed him a tissue.
"Wipe your saliva and germs from my bottom immediately"

He had one hand over face and the other using the tissue to clean it up.

"And don't enjoy that too much"

She turned around to face him properly as he finished.  He remained on his knees.

"So, it's your first day and you'll be helping me with some general duties.  A little admin and I'll show you the system."
"Yes, Miss Kelly."
"You will also have opportunity to be introduced to all of the ladies this afternoon - we've a very special welcome ceremony around 3pm"

A lot of the day was largely uneventful.
It was general work based, but of course he was sent on all the errands and often would be sniggered at by the other ladies
"Hope he's not as soft as the last one"
"Ooh, do you remember Gary, he did well - he's in accounts now..."
"Yes, though he was more spread eagle than spreadsheets!"

Lunchtime he was told to sit alone and eat his lunch in the toilets - and the afternoon was again largely uneventful until 3pm.

The ladies all gathered around.

Miss Kelly instructed him to stand up.

"OK Ladies, here is the latest office bitch, he's on the first day of a bright new future at our company"
There was laughter around the room.
"OK, bitch.  Stand up, over there.  Legs spread, hands on head"

He did so.

There was a very exited collection of ladies around.

"So, it's his first day - and we know what that means"
There were many cheers in agreement.
"You are at our complete service... all of you and all of us, do you understand"
He nodded in agreement.
"So, this means - we have a right to kick you in the balls"
He stuttered and spluttered.
"Remember, you're both in probation and under contract... which you signed... pressumably without reading"
A heckle came, "they never do!"
"So - you will hold that position - if you leave the position you will return back to the position...
"Ladies, ready"

He then became very aware of everyone's footwear, there were some pointed heels, big boots, some had even took shoes off to kick barefoot or in stockings.

The first lady stepped up, she was the office Goth and was wearing rather lethal looking boots.

Miss Kelly laughed, "Once you get her out the way the rest are easy..."

She swung, with *** - he felt the oomph, a big lump in his throat, he staggered - he went to go down but a hand hit the floor.

He leant at an angle, breathless.

"Back in position!"

He got back up and sheepishly put hands on head.

The next was barefoot and, rightfully, it hit with a bit of a slap but his trousers cushioned a lot of the blow.

This was followed by a pointed shoe, boots, heels, a lady in stockings who was surprisingly nimble...

He was knocked and staggered time and time as one by one they took their kicks.

Miss Kelly took the last one.
"OK, this time you don't have to get back in position - do what you need"

She took a big run and swooped the kick up, she'd put on a pair of steel toed Doc Martens while everyone else was taking their kicks.
He howled and hit the deck - tears of *** down his face.

He felt a gob of spit on his cheek.  "Welcome to the company.  Remember, this can happen again any time"

She moved to his face and pointed her shoes in it, "Kiss"

He did so.

"You'll now kiss everyone body's footwear and thank them for reminding you of your place."

One by one the ladies came for their kiss and thank you.

There was a long road ahead...


it's not started - but it will be done.   I've multiple and countless ideas on where to take things

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