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Silk & Satin and all things shiny...


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Anyone enjoy this kind of play?

Anyone know any obscure ideas, on how to please someone who is into silks and satins.

Sure I love to smother him in this stuff, but I want ideas on how to slowly tease, or make weird and wonderful situations where he is in contact with these fabrics but not too much? I have seen some porn videos but the levels on that, I don't have enough hands, or enough fabric to do some of those things haha.

I have him a special made Sissy Satin Maid dress, it doesn't get worn enough but it's finding time for it, but once in it I want to make him useful, not just stare at him in awe all day haha. Torturous, soft sensual play however..... nomnom.

But if you are into these fabrics, and have anything in particular you like doing, I would love to hear it!

Bonus points is sissification is mentioned haha. <3 thank you xx

Yes material and feelings senses . Love textures and smooth silks or satins. Teasing. Especially when used for rewards after punishment. D*** it , run it over flesh. Blinddold partner and tease senses .
I find ribbons and scarves are very useful (and relatively cost effective when needing to be changed). You can weave these into or around toys such as floggers, you can have them placed around the house or even keep them on your person. Second hand sites are great to find silk items, look for satin eye-masks and satin pillowcases make fabulous hoods with a little sewing.

You can get satin floggers and I’d say 99% of people would enjoy these stroked across the …more sensitive areas 🤣❤️🥵👌

Have you considered allowing him to plait some thin ribbons into your hair? You have amazing hair and this could be great sensory play to start or end with. ❤️
Oh my God 😫 anything silk or smoothe like satin is such a turn on. When you really get into it, it's hard to tell where the silk starts, and your skin begins. 😋😍
Silk underwear sliding over those important parts!

Well as my user name suggests i love things satin and silk on a woman ...for me i love when she wears anything satin/sliky on her it doesnt have to be all of it just the one peice of item is enough seeing her move in it how it fits on her mmm the teasing her with my touch knowing how it feels and how must feel against her when i do know how horny she getting from the smoothness of it against her skin its so amazing dress, tops,trousers,lingerie of any kind mmm just accidentally rubbing up against her teasing her making want more is such horny thrill to me just by a second or twos touch just the softness the smoothness of it and how it clings to the body mmmm god so hot

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On her or on me the silk, satin, frilly lace, stockings, garter bets, etc. is a major turn on. I cross dress but I find the sensations of womens lingerie are half the turn on, the femme attire/costume role play, even in private it can be a turn on, breaking the taboos of my upbringing  and wearing lingerie, you pervert you! shameful! I won't waste my time giving you twenty lashes, I've been breaking free from the convent school education and my upbringing after fifty years!

I dont have anything in silk......or satin that i can think of. Im sure its delish on the nipples. To look at, wetness shows on Satin? So just wetting that nipple area on a Satin blouse?
I think would look horny xx😊
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If he's a sissy, you can have him wear silk or satin womens' underwear. Forbid him to soil it. For sensation play, you can drag that underwear - or your own - slowly, very slowly, across his skin. You decide what skin. And again, forbid him to soil it.

Silk is a fabulous material. You can get raw silk rope from a few specialty manufacturers - as I recall, there are makers in Texas and in Seattle; I bought mine from a maker in San Francisco. Raw silk isn't shiny, but it's very soft. You can also get "satin silk" rope, which is shiny and smooth but not made of silk at all! Ask the vendor; I bought mine from a vendor in the UK. Your sissy might enjoy CBT using 4mm raw silk or satin silk rope. The thinner the rope, the more it hurts.

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I have an intense nylon jacket fetish
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