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Dreaming of Powerful Deals #humour

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This is an in usual fetish.

This morning I awoke early and realised I had been dreaming about the G20 world summit.

Here's the thing...

I want trump to announce he loves China and he doesn't want them to pay any  tariffs and they can trade until their balls fall off  and he and they will have a child together and call it "massive world growth" .

Then he will go and meet Kim hung low in no person"s land (as we now have to call it ) between north and south Korea just because he's in the neighbourhood. And they will embrace and shake hands and sat thanks for the love letters (which will remain private ). They will agree that all the nuclear missiles will be based into a special gluten free cake and everyone can have a slice at a special love everybody party.

Oh and all the children get clothes and schooling and jobs and a future devoid of AI.

And escslation of autonomous cars race just stops and

we got back to a time when lemonade factories were in every town. So yah boo sucks to globalisation.

As is customary with such posts on here it seems this is the bit where I fruitlessly ask..

"Does anybody else within 50km radius share this kink? "

Note to mods: this isn't a personal ad.

Note to self: eat less cheese after midnight



@purrfectpanther   LOL  WARNING...  eating certain foods late at night can cause strange emotions... strange thoughts and cause loss of sleep.  LOL  I am bad...even all the way over here... I do not follow the news and I know it is completely wrong... it always seems so negative and everyone always seems to argue... I therefore rely upon others to fill me in on the important things going on.... One day maybe I will find more of an interest... maybe not... thank you for always sharing yours.  

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Update: the UK is in big trouble. Like a runaway roller coaster speeding towards a no deal brexit is going to hit us hard. Seriously thinking about leaving. We could see parity wuth the dollar soon and inflation on imported commodities. But the options are narrowing daily as the currency falls. Where in the world could I go? I'm only good with the temperate climate of England. Yes you can live like a king in some countries but they tend to have basket case structures and I'm not getting any younger. And I'd get lonely if I couldn't speak the language. I like to participate in culture and it's a challenge to go too remote. Do you think if I was in the welcoming arms of an adoring lover geography wouldn't matter ?

Summer having excessive heat, winters are long and ***fully frigid, culture situation sketchy, and English is barely spoken. However adoring arms can be arranged.

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