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Puppy Dom

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An eager puppy, that’s how I’d describe you. A

baby Dom, making your first lumbering steps

towards the spanking bench. Grip it, hold on

as I dazzle you with talk of submissive poses

and nipple clamps, send you a picture of

what it looks like when this sub is made to

bind her own breasts and hold the ends in

her teeth. Feel your cock swell and throb

as I describe to you how it feels to drown

in that blissful mix of pleasure and pain, a

high that’s better – and lasts longer – than

any orgasm. Are you stroking yourself? Do

you want to hear how I’ll crawl when I’m told?

How I’d let you fuck my face, if I were yours?

Are you excited? Are you ready? Go on in,

Explore, discover. Then come back and tell me

If it’s everything you hoped it would be.

Very hot, and very well written

Sounds good

Where do i sign up
Lovely, Char. Inquiring minds want to know… 🤭😉
5 minutes ago, BlueDiamond69 said:
Lovely, Char. Inquiring minds want to know… 🤭😉

Lol it was just someone interested in bdsm who wanted to ask me questions... and got super excited about the possibilities


Whew!  I thought you were keeping secrets from me 🤭🤣

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