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Dungeon Nikki


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She quickly realized this wasn't a dream, but a fantasy coming to reality.

She was on her knees, hands and wrists behind her back and bound to her ankles.

She was wearing a collar with chains connected to nipple clamps.

Only thigh high stocking and high heels on.

The room was dimly light. Dark leather couches and chairs. The room was plush and manly.  It smelled of cigar smoke and oak.

Across the room was another woman. Blonde hair and curvy with huge tits. She was sitting on a chair, hands and legs bound and a ball gag in her mouth.

The door open, and a woman wearing a tight short dress walked in. 

Right this way gentlemen. 

Three men in suits walked in with drinks in hand.

Are they to your liking?

Yes, one guy said, handing her cash with a gentle hand  slip.

One of the guys sat on the couch the other one sat in the chair. 

The third guy walked up to Nikki and tugged on the chains that were clamped on her nipples.

I'm not wasting time he said.

He pulled his cock out and put it in Nikki's mouth.

He fucked her face and made her swallow his cock




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