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Sharing a sub with younger bbc


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I'm interested to know if anyone else shares this particular kink, which I picked up with an ex. It includes elements of race play as the sub is reminded of their race in a degrading way.

My ex is in her early 40s, identifies as white, and was particularly keen on being dominated by athletic/muscular black men between 18-21.

Has anyone else had experience with this?
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No experience but oh my would I love to have this happen to Amelia!!

She is now 78 and still fucks like the Energizer bunny. I'm 61 and we've been an item for 20 years. Long ago, I had my first occasion or opportunity to spend the night with her which was a revelation in itself! I lost count of how many times we were awake during the night but if she was awake, so was I because she wanted sex every time!!


It was back then that I hatched the fantasy of 'giving' her to a group of hung, young blacks - no more than half her age - and the deal is simple; I'll take her home when there's no cock left hard enough to fuck her again and she's tasted everyone's cum at least once!!


I could go on about this considerably but as I'm new here, I won't just now...!!

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