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Bedtime Prayer

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🙏🏾 I want……

A Build A Bear 

With little fear

Slight wear and tear

Matching underwear

Full of cheer

Not a Care Bear 

Can go anywhere

With her long hair

Or stay still tied to a chair 

Never struggling for air 

🙏🏾 and….

Wants me to mold


Never leave cold

All-in never fold

Does what is told 

Knows when to put bratting on hold 

Never sold

Intimacy never old 

Keeps another woman on hold 

Empower to be bold 

🙏🏾 for….

Consensual love and lust

Commitment, communication, and trust 

Fetishes and kinks

Like tattoos, bars, and chain links

Clean ass, never stink 

Anal lover 

Chokehold hugger 

Loves being a mother 

Chooses me over the other 

Knowing there's not another 

🙏🏾 by…..

Building off a clean slate

Vetting since first date 

Clean a dick and a plate

Never late 

Lives in any state 

Apartment, house, or crate 

With nice boobs, ass, and hips that shake 

Sharper than an ice skate 

Never being fake 

Together until the party at my wake 

This made me smile😊 love the build a bear bit especially 😍😍😍 thank you for sharing 💜

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