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Dirty little secret #LDR #romantic

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It drives me WILD

Knowing you're out there

Touching your wetness 

Wishing your finger was my mouth.


What I wouldn't give

To LEAP across the miles

To SIT you straight onto my lap

To WATCH that girlish grin play upon your lips

To feel the electricity BURN between us

To TASTE your tongue in my mouth.


I KNOW...you want to fuck me .

And here's my dirty little secret


I ..want.. to.. fuck..you..too.


I want you to RIDE my cock 'til the sun comes up

Feel my balls SLAP your ass 

As I take you from behind.

Make the bed SHAKE against the strain of our release.


For now though we must be content

with whispers,

and sighs

And little orange envelopes.


Know this..

I am hard..

and purple..

and oozing..

and glistening.

for YOU.


(Whispering. .)


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mmmmm @purrfectpanther your words are always perfect at the perfect time.... such sweet tastes of sensuallity with enough erotic tones to keep one wanting more and more.. to be able to feel that touch and hear that whisper.


Ah Panther,  always knowing how to keep us right there in the palm of your hand.

I am going to read rhis again once I get home from work as I sit in a nice hot bubble bath with a glass of wine and make myself cum.
@Oreo78 consider me soaping your back as you do so. Cheers x
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