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Filter out paypig posts


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I understand it's a kink and totally respect that. But if it isn't your thing, it cheapens the fun when every other post is $$$. I'm looking for real people to connect and chat, not $$ or nothing. 

Seems like there should be a filter to not see posts that include $ or something like that


There are multiple threads discussing the current rise - but...

Outside of the US there are dominatrix accounts which are clearly labelled with a € sign.   These are not viewable to users from the US due to the SESTA/FOSTA laws and users outside the US can search by 'Dominatrix' - in which case they should expect to find people offering paid services - or - without this filter, where they should not.

There was a TikTok doing the rounds telling people to sign up for kink-based dating apps - such as ours - and telling people to ask for money

However, the TikTok was not correct and a lot of these behaviours are not permitted on this site.  Nevertheless it has caused a mass of sign ups, some of which are totally valid users, and some who have behaviours we do not permit on the site.

Presently there are ZERO posts on the forum asking for money. Because forum posts are pre-moderated any post where someone has made posts to that description it is not approved and appropriate action taken against their account based on context.  This can range from being needed to change their profile to being removed from the site.

However elsewhere on the site there may be profiles, or dating ads which are not pre-moderated and are pending a review.   Particularly as you are a US user, you should not see these at all - so if you do, please hit the report button - and block/ignore the profile, then move on from it.

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