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The Havelock Series Part 6

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He turned the vibrator off and she settled for a moment, relaxing into the Worship Position.

"Sit up straight, remove your top."

She did so with immediate action, straightening her back and hooking her fingers under the bottom of her top. He had not necessarily taught her this, but had on multiple occasions explained that this was how she should remove her top when hurried by his actions. She wanted to be naked, to please him any way she could, and his penis hardened even more at the sight of the edge of her breasts, peeking around the side of her chest.


"Place it across your neck, and hand me the ends."

She placed the midsection over her throat and pulled the bottom and shoulders behind her, for him to take in one claw. He enjoyed this most about her, that he had such control over this fine young redhead that she would dominate herself at a mere word from his lips. Mental control was something that he considered a sensual art, beauty in its absolute domination.


He tugged on the top, labouring her breathing and holding her head back. He stared down into her eyes, she looked up into his, and he leaned down until she closed her eyes for a kiss. Only he did not kiss her. Her lips trembled in waiting, but were left open and wanting with the tip of her tongue.


She bit her lip, unsatiated and brimming with lust. She leaned forward against her own clothing that strangled her, curving her back as he lowered her teasingly-slowly to the floor. Her forehead touched the cold tiles, her palms pressed the ground beside her head, and she raised her buttocks as high as she could. She had presented herself, knowing that it would be rewarded with ***.


"I want you to take a deep breath in for me, now. Be a good girl for me and just relax."


@Butterfly4U it works. Thank you. I do not know if you are able to message me instead, since I have no message filters, but I would like to ask you a private question. You do not have to, of course. 


Hello @DanteReign I fixed my filter so you can message me... I tried to message you and it won't allow me to.... you can then ask my your question.

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