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The Havelock Series Part 4

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His index and middle finger entered her vagina fast, his palm pressed to her clitoris while his other fingers splayed out across her skin. He shook his hand violently inside her and she began to scream, but was cut short by his right palm over her mouth. She squirmed and writhed in his grip, but was unable to break away as he ***d her with pleasure. She kicked and shook her hips, trying to *** her own momentum into his gestures to intensify the sensations. Her arms reached up, grabbing his hair as best as she could, and his teeth sank into her shoulder.


Her eyes went wide with ***, then tears welled up, but she only clung to his hair so that he could not let go. Saliva almost poured around his teeth, the warm fluid dampening her skin in time with her moistening labia. She began to bend over, and in her pleasure was able to fight his attempts to keep her standing. His jaw finally unclamped and he ***d her to her knees. His right foot came crashing down on her left cheek so that her right was held against the freezing tiled-floor.


“Please, Sir! Don’t stop!”

“Hands on the floor beside your head. Spread your legs. Get that juicy rear of yours up in the air.”

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