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Dog Sitter Cuck


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I had found Jenn through a pet sitting site, and was dropping my dog off for a few days while I was out of town. 

As I pulled up, there was a well built Asian guy lifting weights in the garage. He immediately walked over and introduced himself as Jenn's partner, Dan.

He helped me with the dog's stuff out of the car and into the house. 

Jenn immediately came over wearing a sports bra and yoga pants. She was Asian.  Curvy and thick. Make up done and was a little sweaty. She looked much hotter than her profile picture. 

She greeted me with a hug and tight squeeze.

She said she would send daily updates with photos, and I could pay her when I picked up the dog.

The next day, I got a picture of her and the dog. Lots of cleavage in the picture. 

The following day, a pic of her walking the dog. Sports bra and yoga pants.

Later that night I was in my hotel room working.  Text from Jenn.

It was a pic of her face with a cock in her mouth.

A few minutes later she texted 'wrong pic', but no follow up.

When I arrived to pick up my dog, Jenn answered the door. Again, sports bra and yoga pants. Thick firm curves.

I asked for her Venmo ID. She said she needed her phone which was upstairs. 

Come up real quick she said.

In the bedroom, Dan was sitting on the bed watching TV.

She grabbed her phone and asked if I liked seeing the pictures all week?

I said yes.

Dan jumped in. I want to watch Jenn suck your cock. 

She moved closer to me.

Can I suck it for you?

She dropped to her knees and pulled out my cock.

She sucked me.

Dan pulled out his phone and took some pictures.

She swallowed me and gagged.

Dan started jerking off.

Is your plug in?

Mmmhhhhmmm Jenn moaned through my cock. 

She stood up and stripped down. She got on all 4s with her ass towards Dan.

He pulled out her anal plug and sucked on it.

Give it to him, Dan said.

Jenn turned around and stuck her ass up and out towards me.

Fuck my ass. Jenn said.

Dan tossed me lube. I squirted some in her asshole and some on my cock 

I work my cock in her ass slowly while she moaned out.

Dan held her hand until I was all the way in, filling up her ass.

I pumped her long and slow and deep.

She moaned.

Dan put his cock in her mouth.  She licked a d sucked him.

She worked him faster as I fucked her ass faster.

She moaned and screamed.

Cock in her ass. Cock in her mouth.

I'm going to cut, I said.

Cum in my ass, Jenn yelled out.

I pumped her harder and faster and came deep in her ass, moaning out as I squirted.

I pulled out and Jenn turned her ass to Dan.

He put his cock in her cum filled ass and pumped her.

Deep hard strokes.

He worked her while she yelled out.

He came in her ass with a muffled moan.

She rolled onto her back. Stuck a finger in her ass, pulled it out soaked in cum and sucked on it


Wow. That is awesome. I’ve had dreams like that but has never happened to me. Thanks.
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On 8/20/2023 at 6:36 PM, BiSub4Goddess2Own said:

I love creampie cleanup


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