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Piss Play, Water Sports, Pee drinking, Pee Bathing


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Well,  I never.....   

I had little feed back from my previous Pee Post !

In the real world from those attending my Lab Night parties, I believe that gay pee play was popular. But there has been little response here.

I suppose its about how its done, and how to clean up afterwards ?  Big issues really. Unless you have a special place specifically for this play, which I will have soon.

lucky me !  


As will all kinks, sensible precautions are needed. But Pee is safe on the outside of the body, unless you have open cuts etc. Drinking Pee is up to individuals and carries some risk but these can be minimised. Hygiene is upper most.   My Pee Play Area is purpose made, like a wetroom. A hose for washing down and disinfection.

Containing pee play area is a problem, but I will have a shower in the play area, and  no one can leave the area with wet feet or anything !

its all quite complicated, but onec set up, its fine !


The question is.....How should a pee party be run, and what would you expect to happen ???






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