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Illegal dick pics and reporting


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So I have once again had to report an individual who sent me a photo, unsolicited of his (abnormally small) penis in hand. 


I told him this was illegal and that he was being reported. 

He was a VIP member.



Under no circumstances is sending dick pics,  unsolicited, okay, intact it's illegal in a lot of places. Cyber flashing. 


What the absolute fluff possesses these idiots to randomly spam women's profiles with nothing but their meat out, especially women who don't even want to have men approaching. 

Makes me think it was done intentionally out of spite.

ANYWAY my main issue.


When trying to report this scumbag, there is NO option for "dick pic", "unsolicited content" or "cyber flashing".


I had to report him under "cam sex fraud" so the site admin may actually know its something graphic.

Also on my phone (website), it would not let me hover or click near the unsolicited photo to report it. I can only do this on the laptop Web browser. 



Anyway issue is, you need soemthing more clear to categorise these idiots, when they send unsolicited nudes. A better reporting method also. 


So these folks who send dick pics unsolicited,  what happens to them? 

I hope they're removed off the site. 

Stuff like that, does someone deserve a second chance. With out permission there's no consent.

And to me people who dont seek consent don't belong on here. (Cnc is different before anyone starts). 


How are these "men" dealt with when they do this.?


Thank you. 


Hi Jen,
I'll get this raised because I agree it'd be good for an direct report reason for 'dick pic' (or similar) and also I'm sorry this has happened.

In the mean time if you use 'other' and just fill in the free text then support can investigate.

We don't have access to DMs - but support do and they can make steps based on context. However the minimum for an unsolicited dick pic is a suspension from the site.

And yes, the law in the UK hasn't yet passed - but it will become a criminal offence - so once the law has passed if you do decide to make a criminal complaint then, of course, reach out to support if there's anything you need for the case.

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