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What do u subs think if beards


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Hello I wanted to know what yall subs like about beards
Does it have to be answered by subs?

As a human being I just love a beard.
How a man looks with one, the feel of it. The softness and the tickles in places haha. But just makes a man look more mature and rugged. I'm very into viking looks and things, so yeh. They're also cute to tug on when he's being grumpy and not giving me the kisses I demand. Good way to pull him in haha

Some people  suite beards others don't.  I do prefer my partners either out a beard but if he wanted to grow 1 he can .


I do love a beard, I've got to admit. Obviously, the persons beard and how they wear it is their own choice, but I do have a preference for well maintained, groomed and shaped beards over very long, straggly or wild beards. 



I have a preference for clean shaven (despite having a beard myself) but a short and well groomed beard is okay. Some people genuinely look better with facial hair, I can respect that. Certainly clean shaven is more pleasant to kiss, but then I enjoy not having a choice in the matter and beards if well maintained are not a limit. 

I think the only reasons I have a beard are that I have eczema so shaving is ***ful and I do not have a strong jawline so look a bit like a potato without one. 

Bearded men are the sexiest! Okay, I may be biased in this conversation...
I've always loved beard's, wild long one's, bushy one's well groomed one's. As long as they are soft and clean come here so I can comb my fingers through it and nuzzle my face under there☺️.

My absolute favourites are well groomed, soft glistening one's, they sideburns lined up immaculately to join the beard, the barber sculpted and shaped it to perfection and if he has a handlebar mustache that curl up on the end's.....heaven help me, I am a sucker for a distinguished gentleman 🤤
I love them. They've always been something that I like.
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Generally not into them at all which is unfortunate for me as everyone seems to have one these days. I don't like how they look unless they are very well trimmed and groomed, definitely don't like them covering the throat and hate hipster beards and really long ones. I'm not really a fan of how they feel either. 

Exceptions that I don't mind: well styled goatees, a white beard on an elder, a red beard for some reason is cool. And 5 o'clock shadow is hot.

Having said that, if I like a person for who they are I can totally live with them having a beard, as long as it's always well groomed.. at the end of the day it is their face and their choice. I would not be cool with them making me change something about my appearance so what gives me the right to make silly demands on them.

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Mistake, wrote "their" twice
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