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What does the term "daddy" signify and mean to females who use it?


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Seems as if everything is open to interpretation, so hoping a lot of females chime in.

Personally I don't care for the term being used in a sexual manner. It is a turn off .
When I first tiptoed into this world I absolutely hated the word with a passion.

I was a daddy’s girl (ie biological father/daughter) and in my head it conjured up images of incest and other nastiness.

Fast forward a few years and I have a VERY different view.

I no longer see it as a sexualisation of a parent, rather I see it as a style of dominance (and yes lots of people will disagree but this is my opinion/thoughts on the subject) whereby the D-type provides a more nurturing and possibly corrective role than in other forms of D/s. Where he offers lots of praise and indulgence.

However (and this is important to me), for me there is absolutely NO age play involved if I call someone Daddy.

And if I ever use the word it comes instinctually because of how someone has made me feel (generally when they’ve made me feel safe and protected) - the whole “who’s your daddy?” Thing frankly makes me a little nauseous.

In the abdl (adult baby diaper lover) world that role is very common. How ever not all relationships in this fetish are sexual, each relationship can vary just like any other.
To me it’s person that I have given complete control of myself to. The person I trust beyond all others.
I am a daddy. And no age play is performed. I am called daddy in front of her own father… first one who has ever called me that without it being a joke. I’m not even sure how it started. This girl means the world To me she is my everything. I go above and beyond for her. I open every door. I pull her chair out. She still does the norm home stuff but if I’m here I’m helping. I would gladly let the world die to save her… no way would she die and the world continue if that’s my choice… I would allow myself any and all harm just to keep her safe. I am protective of her due to her past, she will never experience what she has already. And yes if our dynamic didn’t flow then that’s just what it would be nothing more. I still would be that mofo for her. So not sure for most women and I’m sorry for speaking for her like this but I believe she calls me daddy because she feels safe in my world. I mean that’s what daddy’s do right. Handle what our loves can’t. Albeit daughters, sons, women, step kids. It has never been a sexual thing.. I mean yea “ who’s your daddy” has been said jokingly once and was answered truthfully with a loud ass” you are” even our playmates end up calling me daddy shortly after meeting and they have the right to call me what ever they like. They choose daddy because in all sense of the word I am one without any kids.
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I know you asked for women to answer, but I'll chime in with a response.

The first time I was called Daddy, I was worried.  I don't pursue age play, and suddenly the idea of it was being thrust upon me, out of nowhere.

After that scene, I asked the Submissive why she called me "Daddy?"

She explained that it was a term of respect for her, because she was aware that during the 18th/19th Centuries, when BDSM brothels started popping up in England, the term had two meanings.

On the street was that Daddy referred to the devil.  People were devoutly religious, and British folks have a historical penchant for creating slang out thin air, apparently.

But in those brothels, the term was casually flipped to still mean devil, but as a sign of respect to Dom(mes) who were capable of getting things out of Submissives that others simply could not.

After that explanation, I felt humbled.

And I always remember that first moment everytime a Submissive calls me Daddy ever since.


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I would definiely provide a corrective role, by taking her in hand.
This would serve to keep her grounded and less crazy.
Making her feel safe and protected could be a by-product.
Dominant females may not appreciate the protective aspects, though.

Respect is another big aspect of the term. I asked a female if she wanted to call me daddy. She immediately replied in the affirmative, which I perceived as a term of respect, without knowing if there were  other connotations in her answer.

So, here is to encouraging more females to reply, positive or negative.
I'm not too keen to hear indifferent perspectives.


I am curious about it too. As a male, I can't understand why many men enjoy being "daddy"

2 minutes ago, MUDdyKITTEN said:

Purpose is more like it


From a purely cerebral and psychological point of view, I can absolutely see why a male Dominant would revel in being called "Daddy" and why submissives or slaves, etc, would want to call their male Dominants it.

A Daddy, or Father, is a patriarch. He's a leader. A guider. A nurturer. A mentor. Someone who you trust and respect and look up to and revere. Someone who you can talk to about anything and someone who will be there, through thick and thin and never judge you. Only love you.

Someone who will you love you unconditionally.

In my opinion, these are all attributes that a Dominant should have and its what a Dominant should be.

From that aspect then yes, I can certainly see why the label would be used and why it would be used with pride.

A lot of women (especially ones who are into DDlg dynamics) have genuine Daddy issues stemming from real lige issues. It could be a plethora of reasons. It could be physical abuse or mental abuse from their own Father. It could be anything. So, a female sub who is interested in the aforementioned dynamic could be trying to fill a Daddy shaped hole in their life.

It could be completely rooted in innocence and even be cathartic.

It can also have darker and more twisted elements to it.

Maybe the aforementioned abuse from their biological father (or step father) not only created a need for attention, it also morphed into a craving for physical attention, in a sexual manner with a person for whom they look up to and call Daddy.

Yes, if there's sex involved and the term "Daddy" is being used then yes, it could be considered "Taboo", however, It's not incest.

If anything, it's roleplay.

A lot of the time it's psychological with dark and twisted undertones. But at other times it's just a bit of fun.

As with all kinks, it's nuanced and not every shape fits all holes.

Do I like it when I'm called Daddy? Yes. Does it turn me on? Yes. Why? Because it makes me look authoritive and it shows respect.

I'm warped and dark, so, of course something like that would appeal to me.

So, there's no one answer.

A Daddy to me is someone that protects you, helps raise you, does everything to help and guide you and you can completely give yourself to them. I know I'm safe with Daddy, he's my everything. Hes helped me get the confidence for a new job, learn to swim, go traveling. Not just about the sex side.
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The term "Daddy" to me symbolizes a mentor, guide, and disciplinarian. A Daddy helps you become the best individual you can be. They help ease anxiety and worries while reminding us that we are loved and wanted. A Daddy helps navigate the big world and teaches the importance of safety
I really don’t like to call men daddy and haven’t been with many who like it. Interestingly however, those who have asked, been much younger than me - as in very early 30’s to my 49. In a sub role, I usually use Sir and it tends to go over quite well 😘
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