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Rules for being online

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Just because we disagree on something doesn't mean we have to hate each other.
Thank you! So very true!!!
Dr. Seuss taught us all this. Or did we miss his message. He did not say we are all entitled he said we all have our way and that’s ok. Because I like the blue can and you like the red doesn’t mean we can’t have both or just share the green can. My only thing I would Add is “ I am not the same that you had before do not assume I will act the same, I will not assume you will act the same as I had before. Until we do then we should not act the same as we were before.
Put ego aside, be humble, and don't assume, just grow
Be real, don't build a facade and expect people to see through it.
great post, should be in the lobby rules haha
Don't trust people straight out the gate. There are scammers, users, and abusers who like to try and take advantage of our kinky desires. Trust is earned and not freely given.
Lobe these! This is am awesome list of rules

unpopular opinion but you are entitled to respect. not everyone agrees with every single opinion but respect is still a must.

to add

respect peoples personal boundaries and limits.

actions speak louder than words

if someone isnt good for you.. leave, even if you fear being alone or really like them+if you fear being alone work on yourself (get to the root of why you fear being alone and work from there)

dont put someone over your morals

follow your gut, it never lies

feel your emotions and process them without taking it out on others.(allow yourself to cry and feel hurt)

no pain no gain ( the sun always comes out after a rainstorm even if it takes a lil while but even the rain is good, it provides growth) pain is for growth not holding in

your trauma doesnt define you

dont be codependent on anyone ever, if you’re happy with yourself than you’ll never truly be lonely

take breaks from social media is f**ks ur brain n not in the hot way

(i got rlly carried away lmao)


I’m not going to pay for you to play with us and if your attention is to a object that can’t say no then leave it alone
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