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Lactating Momma


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She responded to my personal ad on Fetish that I was looking for a busty lactating woman to play with.

Elle has dirty blonde hair, green eyes and firm DD/Es that were full of milk.

I told her what I needed. She said she would give it to me.

I arrived at her place. She was wearing a while button down shirt and shorts. I was in gym short and a t-shirt.

She said on the couch and I laid my head in her lap looking up at her.

She unbuttoned her top and pulled out one her her tits,  pulled her nipple to my lips.

I sucked. Instantly I felt her milk filling my mouth.

She moaned and exhaled. They were so swollen and full.

She slid her hamd down my body and grabbed my cock through my shorts.

It was swollen

She pulled up the leg of my shorts and grabbed my cock. Squeezing it. Stroking it.

I sucked on her nipple and played with the other tit while she jerked my cock.

It felt so good to have her touch me being smothered by her huge tits and getting my fill of creamy breast milk.

I sat up.

She took off her shorts and got her suction cup dildo and put it infront of the couch and got on it.

She started to ride it while I stood next to her feed her my cock.

She rode it harder. I squeezed her tits and made them squirt milk.

She came with my cock in her mouth, riding her dildo, while I was tugging her nipples.

I sat infront of her. She squirted her milk on my cock as she jerked me off.

My cock soaked with her titty milk.

She stroked harder and faster.

I'm going to cut

She tilt.my cock towards her tits and jerked it while squeezing her tits and squirting milk. 

I squirted my sticky cup all over her huge tips, while she squirted her creamy milk all over my cock.

Adult breastfeeding is a huge kink for me
This is absolutely one of my fantasies
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lactating big breasts are a fantasy of mine that I hope enjoy one day. Thank you for this story. 

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