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When we dance....


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Strapless dress on a moonlit night
Body looking oh so right
Heals slipped on nice and tight
Tonight, we just might….
Prance, my reindeer, prance
Sway until I'm in a trance
Moving like it's our last chance
At an everlasting BDSM romance
Now they're playing our song
Your light touches makes me grow long
In my trance I noticed your thong
This romance will go on…..
Silence the whole drive home
Still tranced out drove over a gnome
Forgot all about our sub chaperone
Until she beat you to sucking my dome
Still I cannot keep my eyes off of you
Thinking about your care when I had the flu
How you held me the whole time through
Even then I knew…..
This sub is gagging as I move you into position
No fighting, full submission
Turned on like a brand new transmission
What I'm about to do needs no permission
Suck that clit like it's my dying wish
Suck that dick sub like it's your last dish
Moaning, scratching, clawing
Safe, so we rawing
Switching positions endlessly
Orgasming and dancing tirelessly…
Now the best part has begun
Where I lay and watch all the fun
Tender touches and sweet kisses
Turns you to Dom with the switches
You command her to do what you like
Knowing I'm getting off from the sight
Striking and stroking like I would
Fisting her like you should
Eyeing me as I eye you
Looking for my next cue
Are you ladies ready to dance?
Round two
This is truly wonderful. Beautiful
45 minutes ago, Peonycharm said:
This is truly wonderful. Beautiful

Thank you

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