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i decided to say yes.


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"Next time, I would like to mark your beautiful body. Would you like that?" 

Oh wow. i wasn't sure what to say. On one hand, i do have a love for heavier play that usually leaves at least some marks or bruises. But on the other hand, it had been so long. Maybe 4 or 5 years. my previous Dominant having had a style that typically did not leave more than the faintest traces of bruising, plus my bad experiences before him with men who marked me up brutally (too fast, too soon, not great situations) left me questioning.

Did i want to endure that type of scene? Could i? my submissive side wanted to say yes, to please him. But my cautious side said, "i'm not sure." 


Over the next few days i think about it, processing it. Our previous sessions had been great. He seemed to be a good communicator, respectful of my limits. The type of Dominant who is in this lifestyle for the enjoyment of it---not to actually harm or damage the sub out of a sense of misplaced anger or a twisted need to feel superior by beating up a girl. 

i liked him, and wanted to please him. He said that he liked me, very much. That he wanted to keep me. His actions seemed to back up his words, at least in this phase of our developing relationship. 

As i rewound our previous sessions...the passion, the pain and the affection...my body started to ache in the most delicious way. 

i decided to say yes. 

"Sir, next time we are together, will you please mark my breasts?" 

i can feel the heat rising in my body as i send the text. 

He responds quickly. He tells me that he is pleased, and what instruments should he use. 

"Whatever i can handle" is my meek reply. 

He lets me know that i can withdraw my consent at any time. He tells me that i make him happy. 


Our third date. After a lovely evening out, we arrive back to my house. It's his first time over which makes me extra nervous. In preparation for his arrival, i had cleared as much open space as possible in my bedroom, and brought out my spanking bench and flogger stand. Out came my toy bag, too, filled with things he had seen as well as some things i hadn't shown him yet.

He looks me in the eyes. "I think that you are wearing too much clothes." 

Lowering my eyes, i lift the short sundress over my head, revealing my plunging bra and panties. Suddenly it's hard for me to look at him and i am grateful when he instructs me to mount the bench.

As i lay into the specialized piece of furniture i relax, enjoying his touch, and the alternating smacks and caresses of the various implements. All too soon, he tells me it's time. 

i sit up slowly, not wanting to fall over in my half-dazed state. "Chair?" i manage to mumble. my sturdy old wooden desk chair should be perfect for the next phase of our scene. 

Now in just my panties, i sit facing him. As he slowly removes his black leather belt, i again find it difficult to meet his gaze. As he begins to sensuously slide the soft, worn-in leather over my skin, i close my eyes. 

Taking my exposed breasts in his hands, he leans down, and kisses me. 

Almost immediately i feel my body, and my mouth, start to respond. i want to drink him in. i'm not used to a Dominant kissing me...certainly not like this. But it's nice. i love it.

As his hands begin to knead and pinch my breasts, i feel like i've made the right decision. i feel like i am in good hands. 

He takes his time, warming me up with his hands, before taking the belt from where he'd left it dangling around my neck. Still taking his time. Teasing me, running the edge over my neck, shoulders, collarbone, breasts. 

Instinctively, i lift my head and clasp my hands together behind my back. Exposing myself to him further. 

Presenting his canvas.

A small flash of panic as i realize that he is going to use the belt on me. But as soon as the frightened thoughts come, i push them out. This man is not those other men. i am safe here. 


The belt lands on my pale, delicate skin, over and over. Punctuated by harsh slaps, pinches and squeezes. my eyes are mostly closed---i can't bear to watch---but after what seems like only a few minutes, i look down and see the raw, red, abrased skin. But my torment wasn't quite over yet.

He remarks at how quickly my skin is marking. He continues to strike me with the belt, now doubled up in his strong grip. i think about using my safeword a few times. But he reads my body and reactions like a pro, and by the time he instructs me to on all fours on the bed, i'm flying. 


Afterwards, we lay together in the quiet stillness. Music floats up from the hi-fi, punctuating the calm, peaceful energy with a wistful, lilting melody and soft rhythm. 

"Then please don't be surprised, when you find me dreaming too."

He tells me how proud he is of me, and how much i pleased him. 

i thank him for using me, and for marking me. 

I love seeing bruises and marks. They make me happy and I feel like it's a special gift that is given. To have your Master/owner want to do this to/for you makes you a very special person to them in my opinion. To have someone who knows you so well. They can read your body to the point of not needing to have words. The ability to know your needs and wants without you having to ask but they ask you. This is a very special bond to have and something I think we all crave.
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