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Lilly:part 4


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Chapter 4:Rob


The girl had statrted life abandoned and unwanted, in care and foster home after foster home, always sent

back, never kept for more than a few weeks, a handful to be sure.  Every time returned, unwanted, any measure of trust dying a little bit more, until there is nothing left. Issues yes but is it any surprise. Unwanted, abandoned and very very lonely. Yet those very same things create a strength within her, an independence. 


A wall she builds, a tall wall, a thick wall. Darker times, unhappy times, times that helped shape who she is today, a period of her life where she thought she had found something only to again be abandoned as if she were nothing of consequence.


A young man, 21 and handsome, a fine physique and the banter to match, one who already knows the value of humour to unlocking a girls pants and legs. He's no fool and has it already worked out, knows how to play the game, how to trick them Into giving him what he wants. Robs a mechanic and the man who takes her virginity. He is the man who will take her virginity, and as he pulls his pants back up he sneers at her, the words "whore" and "slut" spitefully said,  his face a complete opposite of the one he wore as his hand slowly began its journey between her legs. 


Of course she's noticed him, as he has her, she passes the garage at least twice a day to and from work, sometimes more when she is out and about. A good looker herself although she doesn't see it, her body curving in all the right places, looking much older than the 18 years she is. They talk over time, his charm soon having the desired effect.


As she sat there, him driving away, her abandoned with a 2 mile walk home the tears when they came were forceful, and reeked of pain. But when they stopped, which in time they did, she picked herself up, wiped herself down, set her head high, and began her walk home. Her head was full of the lies they tell, the masks they wear. Yet she saw a lesson was there for one who wished to see it, and it was a lesson learned.


She walked past Rob still twice a day, tried to make eye contact to show she wasn't broken, she refused to take another route, to back away. He never once looked at her, the space she occupied empty to his eyes, as if she were invisible. Yet she knew, felt it vibrating through her whole being that balance would be restored. She would not seek it, or encourage it, as she already sensed these things must take the natural route. But she knew, totally and without doubt, she would be there to see it, balance always, as is the way of things.

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