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Lilly:part 5


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Chapter 5:karma


Sophie arrives at 5 as instructed, once through the door she instantly sees displeasure  "What's wrong Lilly?"

"In you come girl, your makeup needs a little work, the rest I wish however were mine, cursed as I am with this stick body" admiring the stunning figure the girl develops.

"Do not misunderstand me girl, you are a beautiful creature but this client prefers more makeup. You are here to learn, there are lessons to be taught so listen you must, you have knowledge, skills already, but there is so much yet to see, to taste, you have only just begun" Her hand goes out, gently taking hold of the girl leading her into the bedroom to fix her makeup the way this client prefers . When done she looks like a different person. Unrecognisable from the girl who walked in a mere 15 minutes past. A deep dark red, almost blood lipstick, swathes of black eyeliner accentuating her already wonderful eyes, masses of foundation and with the already stunning hair a woman to behold. The job done Lilly then issues precise instructions, and leads Sophie downstairs into the basement where Lilly has a fully equipped bespoke dungeon built to her exacting standards by a Dom friend who is a builder and fabricator. 


Sophie has been been down here before and it's another world. A wonderland of unusual sights, much she knows, whips, paddles and gags of all kinds, clamps, restraints and rope for shibari of which Lilly is an accomplished practitioner. Strange looking devices of all shapes and sizes designed by Lilly and built again bespoke. Designed to restrain the human body in a certain way, escape and movement impossible once tied in. An Aladdin's cave of pleasure and pain, and for the first time in many many months Sophie's heart beats harder, and she can feel herself moistening. To just be around the trinkets of her chosen lifestyle, the smell of the dungeon, the smell of disinfectant and sex is enough to throw a switch within that has been dormant for almost a year.


Lilly gives her a quick rundown of the stranger pieces Sophie is not familiar with, and then back upstairs for instruction on protocol and how she must behave when the client arrives. A quick chat on safety, safe word protocol and first aid. She's not expecting to need those skills today but they had time and while the girl is here she may as well transfer as much information as she can. At 6 almost on the dot the bell rings, Lilly has already cleared Sophie's presence by phone earlier in the day with the client, so no confusion or surprises, but at that precise moment for some unusual reason she couldn't identify Sophie suddenly felt uneasy.


The moment the door opens she recognises him, her breath taken away, but the presence of mind to hold and hide her reaction, as before her looking even better than he did almost nine years ago stands Rob. Her makeup is so heavy the poor deluded fool has no idea who she is, and her cunt instantly throbs, her clit like a needle as she understands a little balance is about to be restored. Her nipples are on fire and she again can feel what she is rising from its slumber, and  the darkness she carries opens its eyes, and begins to breathe. Lilly instantly feels the charge in the room, aware of the change and snaps a quick glance in the direction of the disturbance, and there stands the girl. 


She settles her client with a coffee on the sofa to relax for 5 before they begin, and asks Sophie for a word so they make their way to the bedroom to talk in privacy. She looks her friend in the eye and raises an eyebrow, a question the girl understands. Sophie doesn't hesitate, it all comes out in one mad rush, his kindness, the talk, the words,abandonment and the lonely heartbreaking walk home. As the girl talks, the temperature in the room drops, only a little but drop it does, the room seems to darken slightly as if the curtains have been pulled halfway, a different atmosphere indeed. It is then Lilly fully understands, she feels it, and knows without doubt stands another like her, and then Lilly talks.


Into the basement all three go, Rob already hard at the thought of the dark delights he craves so much, "two Dommes for the price of one" and he couldn't be happier. His cravings and needs are always the same, never a change. As Always when downstairs Rob strips and lies down on the table, on his back,  without a prompt, knowing his place and what was expected of him, and Lilly goes to work.


Both arms, both legs restrained, all professional kit ordered especially from the States, again bespoke and built to Lillys specs. Heavy duty black leather straps,  stainless steel clasps that the strongest of men could not break. Once restrained you stay restrained, until of course Lilly chooses otherwise. Blindfold on, she begins.


Whispering gently she touches him softly, starting at his feet and slowly working her way up, his erection hard and proud as she does, the sight always making her wet, these moments the ones she craves endlessly, the reason she is Domme and not sub. The Sadist awakes, she knows she is not alone, can feel it from the shadows where her sister waits, barely visible in the dim light. Waiting to in this case, literally to pounce, and her cunt moistens a little. To watch another sadist work, almost as pleasurable as when she works. 


Her hand at the base of his cock talking her time. "What is this? You harden without permission?" Thwack, a blow delivered with intent,  his cock smashed aside, a grunt of pain, an attempt to turn away, but a vain attempt when restrained by Lilly. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT" She screams directly at him, spittle dotting his face from the force of her words. "Sorry mistress, I can't help it."  Thwack, blows he cannot see coming, blows he cannot anticipate, a louder grunt "Please mistress, no more, mercy?"  "No, for you there will be no mercy, no respite, only pain. You deserve nothing else" and with that a measured, but severe blow directly to his bollocks.


In the shadows the girl, waiting, primed to strike, but also aroused, strangely calm. The sadist she can be now fully awake.The blows stop coming as Lilly changes tack. She caresses and slowly, ever so slowly brings this worm to the edge, whispering gently in his ear, telling him what a good boy he is, how proud she is. He's almost there, right on the edge, and then quite unexpectedly another blow, shocking his system from pleasure to pain, preventing his release, denying him.


Whispering in between alternate blows and caresses, gently like a lover would "You call that a cock? I've seen women with bigger clits than that, how can you even think you're capable of pleasuring a woman with that pathetic thing." Again to the edge and again pain followed by humiliation, repeated cycles over and over until he's writhing, desperate for sexual and physical release.  


All the time Sophie observes, desperate to feed, her cunt on fire. Rob's in ecstasy, craving all Lilly chooses to give, his world one moment pleasure the very next excruciating pain. The two sides of what he is, a complete loss of control or choice the only way he feels alive, free from the shackles life places on him. A sexual man who has become bored, disillusioned with life, his cravings for control and pain growing, always growing.


"up scum" Lilly orders, releasing him from the restraints and helping support him as he rises. She then roughly manhandles this pathetic excuse of a man to the St Andrews cross, and again retrains him. His arse and back exposed……..vulnerable. His limit with the cane to be 10 strokes, always 10 and never more. As always instructions to count them out and always a "Thank you mistress" after each and every stroke. Lilly looks directly into the shadows……. Sophie moves forward unbidden, a hidden message passing between them. She looks Lilly directly in the eye, and with a grim smile takes the offered cane.


No hesitation, Crack, directly on his back, the impact thunderous in the enclosed room, a howl of pain and then "one Mistress, thank you."  Crack again, this time harder, the venom she carries for this man now in full flow, his arse this time and instant welts, the force enough to draw blood. Crack, another and another, more force, more venom, and then we reach 10, the final stroke "10 Mistress, thank you" he squeals, and its done.  Lilly takes a step back, not reaching for the cane, not wanting to interfere, knowing it must be the girl's choice.  A mess his back and arse, dark welts and blood clear in the dim light coming to the surface of his skin, the dark purple and yellow bruises already beginning to show. "Your choice Girl" Lilly thinks as she stares blankly, not willing to interfere especially for a a man like this, knowing they reach a critical moment. 


The cane is raised again, her anger white hot, poison flowing through every muscle, every vein, the darkness fully in control and then she felt him, could smell his cologne, and she knew he was there  "No matter your mind or your day, no matter any provocation be it verbal or physical you must never break a hard limit Kitten, to do that is to break a cornerstone of who we are, we have discussed this." 


The cane was at its peak now, her anger and hatred overwhelming, poised to deliver another brutal blow, and an instant later the cane drops, but not onto his back, but to her side as she looks at Lilly shakes her head and returns the cane to its rightful owner. "He taught you well girl, the correct choice" as she takes the offered cane, and approaches this bloody pulp of a man to release him from his bonds.


Patched up, and sent on his way, with instructions never to darken her door again, her services withdrawn, the two ladies drink coffee and talk. "I felt him too Girl on the final stroke, there by your side, how did you feel?"

"Anger, hatred, I craved Rob pain, more than I gave. And then Adam was there, I could almost touch him, see him, he calmed me, brought me peace. I sense his presence still, here right now." 

"Yes" Lilly replies, "as do I girl, as do I."


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