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The Date, part two

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You come down looking beautiful, make up done and wearing a floaty summer dress that you know I love, you walk up to me looking deep into my eyes and lay a long slow kiss on my lips and say 'What would you like from me?'

With a smile on my face I reach up with my hand and stroke your cheek with my thumb, drawing it down to brush over, and slightly pull on your bottom lip, parting them with the touch.
My other hand brushes through your hair, down your neck and across your shoulder as my first hand does the same, both meeting the thin straps of your dress and sliding them off your shoulders causing the dress to fall to the floor.
Underneath you are wearing a white lacey thong and matching bra, again which you know I love! I hold your hand as you step out from the dress then say
'I want you to kneel for me baby'
You smile, and like always, oblige me.

Kneeling before me and looking into my eyes I feel a wave of anticipation, and excitement wash over me, knowing that you are choosing to submit to me, offering yourself, feeds me.
I squat behind you, tracing my middle fingers from your neck, across your shoulders, drawing down your arms all the way down to your wrists.
I take hold of them and pull them together behind your back, tuck them into the elastic of your thong, causing it to pull tight against your mound.
'Keep them there for me' I ask, knowing that my words to you will have the same effect as cuffs or rope.
I step back to face you, looking into your eyes as I slowly undo my belt and one by one unbutton my dark black jeans with a pop. pop. pop.

I reach inside and ease out my hardening cock, glistening with pre cum.
I move closer and trace your red lips with my tip, pulling away to leave a crystal bead of pre cum joining us.
'Open your mouth' I say, and you do, with your willing tongue ready, I lay my cock on top but not inside.
My left hand runs through your hair and round to the back of your head then slowly but firmly pull you onto me until the head of my cock is fully in your mouth and you start to suck, still not breaking eye contact. As you do, my hand pulls you further onto me, all the way until your eyes tell me to stop, then you push just a little bit more before i pull back out and let you gasp before putting the tip back in.

I let you suck me again, your tongue and lips working magic and passing waves of pleasure between us both. During this you are using your 'tied' hands to pull your knickers against your clit and increasingly wet pussy lips, adding your own pleasure to mine.
My right hand reaches down and frees your left breast from your bra, your nipple is already so hard. I firmly, but not roughly, pull, roll and tweak your nipple in time with your sucking. Our moans are growing and in tune with each other and I'm getting close to exploding, knowing this you start sucking faster and harder until the release surges through the floor, up my legs, right down my shaft and into your mouth, some escaping and dripping down your chin.

Now that I am spent it is your turn...
With your hands still tucked into your thong I help you to stand, kissing you deeply and holding you against me, our foreheads touching sharing all the unsaid words and drinking in each others being.
I guide you over to the table and have you lie flat, face down, bent from the waist.
I tuck my fingers into the lacey tops of your knickers at your hips and slowly pull them down, making them drag across your flesh, over your hips, across your bum and down, briefly pausing to savour them pulling out from between your glistening lips, drawing some of your wetness out with them.
I guide your feet out of them, then use my foot to move your feet apart, opening your legs wide. I take a moment to soak up the beautiful sight before me, you spread and waiting, offering your pleasure for my control, before walking round to the head of the table.

I kneel down so our faces are on the same level and kiss you again. It's my time to give you a 'look', one that you know means you will be left glowing, just that alone is enough to kick start the 'tingles' throughout your body.
Again I take your arms bringing them round to your head then, again using your damp knickers, I tie your hands around the leg of the table.
Kissing you once more I go back around the other side.

Kneeling down, I start with fingertips at your toes, stroking and swirling around and tracing lines over your skin, moving my way up, both hands mirrored on your ankles, back of your calves, all over the backs of your knees, taking my time to build the anticipation, stroking up and down your outer thighs then your inner thighs, stopping just at the point where legs meet lips then going back again.
Up and over your bum, cupping and squeezing now but hands still roaming, down your thighs and back up, this time my fingertips just brush over your lips and energy shoots through your body like electricity, causing you to moan out.
I keep stroking and teasing over and over until it's too much and you start to push back whenever my hand comes close, desperate for my touch where you want it most.
The next time you push you are met by two fingers, entered deep and up to the hilt, you let out a guttural moan and we both hold, pushing against each other as the anticipation is released and flows through all your nerve endings.
As that starts to subside I begin slowly moving my fingers in and out of you, pushing down against your G-spot with every stroke, my thumb brushing your clit. You raise up on tip toes and rock your hips, partly to add to the sensations and partly to allow me that little bit deeper. The thumb of my left hand, lubed with your own juices, now resting with gentle pressure on your bumhole.
I fuck you with my fingers, faster, firmer, watching as your orgasm builds up through your entire body, hearing your moans grow in intensity, feeling immense power and love as I know that you are so close.
Just before the crescendo peaks, my thumb enters your bum and that is the trigger you needed.
You begin to shake, starting with the balls of your feet, all the way up your legs, building with power as it surges through your entire body, until it overpowers you completely.
Your pussy spasms, squeezing tight against my still pounding fingers, your body gives up the fight and embraces it fully and you gush out, orgasmic juice running down your inner thighs as I pull out of you. Still shuddering in waves as your body melts against the table.

I come around to the front of the table again, the sated look in your eyes filling my soul with joy, I gently brush your hair from your eyes, stroke my thumb across your cheek, 'That's my Good Girl' I say, loving the lazy smile that lights up from those words.
I untie your hands and roll you over, help you to sit up then scoop you off the table into my arms, your spent body nuzzling into mine as I carry you off to the bed, time to recover until we're ready to start round two!!
Mmmmm how Perfectly Delicious 😋
and descriptive 😍
Thanks for sharing x
29 minutes ago, CosmicAngel said:
Mmmmm how Perfectly Delicious 😋
and descriptive 😍
Thanks for sharing x

So glad it hits the spot 😊 x

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