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Amara in London - Fan Requested write (Trigger)


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Fan requested writing 

Not real

Trigger Warning

Amara was in London for a work conference. She didn't know any one there and was a bit shy. She went to to 1st day social and was at the bar trying to get a beer. The bartender paid her no mind.

A guy stood next to her and yelled out Mickey.

The bartender turned around. 

Another whiskey and ... he pointed to Arama.

What she wants. A beer she said sheepishly. 

American she asked


What dirt  do you have on the bartender?

Nothing I tipped him 20 quid on my first drink so I wouldn't have to wait for any more drinks

Smart, she smiled.

They chatted for a while and their drinks were gone.

Another round?

Yeah, but last one, I need to do emails when I get back to.my room.


I'm going to the bathroom, I'll be right back

When Arama returned he handed her the beer.

She took a huge gulp.

He smiled


Nothing. Well. Something.  You're beautiful..

Stop. She took Nother big sip.

Sorry, I shouldn't be so forward at a work thing.

You're fine, as she tapped his arm.

The room shifted.

Are you ok?

Just feeling light headed. 

You sure?

Yeah.. I mean... I think I should go to my room.

She went to take a step and grabbed his arm.

Let me help you to your room.

Ok... room 834.


The door opened and she staggered towards the bed.


Let me help you.


He took off her shoes. 

Thank you 

He took off her top

Thank you

He slid off her skirt.

She laid on her bed in her bra and panties.

Say cheese. He held his phone up.

He took off her bra and grabbed her tits.

She moaned.

You like that you little shut.

Imma slut she mumbled 

He rubbed her pussy  through her panties.

They were soaking wet.

He pulled them off

He was naked next to her

He put his cock in her mouth , grabbed her tits and rubbed her pussy

They are so big.

Smile.  He held up his phone again.

Suck it.

He spread her legs open and slid in his cocktail.

He pumped her half passed out body

She still moaned.

He grabbed her tits and fucked her deep and hard

Her tits bouncing up and down while he pumped her body.

She moaned

He pulled out his cock and phone.

He kneeled over her and stroked. 

He shot his load all over her face and tits while he recorded it.


The next morning she woke up with a huge headache. Room empty. She was naked. She was covered in dry cum covering her face and tits.

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