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Cybersex Advice.


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New to idea of cybersex. Understand the idea but what accessories or equipment and software is needed to make it work. ? 

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That depends on the type of cybersex you mean. Mainly if you are looking to have cybersex on live sites  you'll need just a computer and a few toys of your choice, this from a viewers point of view. But if you want to broadcast yourself you'll need softwares like SplitCam, accessories like remote dildos and many, many fetish toys. I am just a fan/viewer so I don't know too much but for the start it will definitely be enough for you. 


Cybersex as I understand it is simply typing fantasies to another person on the internet, but I suppose with the advances in tech it might embrace video these days. But it shouldn't need any extra equipment just willing partners!


what idea do you think you understand?

I used to cybersex using yahoo messanger... all you need is a DM chat.

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Sadly, it seems the vast majority of CyberSex toys are for women, remote vibrating dildos...

Hands free Sex Toys for guys are sorely lacking.   SO if you are a girl, then cybersex is awesome.   If you are a guy, not so much...

Best option is probably webcamming and masturbating in front of each other on cam...

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