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Macrophilia / giantess fetish / giant fetish


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Have you ever fantasised about being tiny at the mercy of someone, or about being giant and having a toy-sized human at your disposal? Have you ever encountered someone with this kink?
What’s your personal experience with macrophilia?
I had sexual fantasies about Tinkerbell when I was a ***ager..
There’s a VR game you can get where you are in this situation. The woman is gigantic and basically uses you as a dildo. It’s really hot. Can’t remember the name but I’m sure you could find it with some Googling. It only works via a PC with a link cable though, it doesn’t work directly on Meta/Oculus
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Yep, had this fetish for a long time (giant woman / vore fetish). If there's any woman with similar fetish who would like to message, please do. Would be nice to chat about it and enjoy :)

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In a role play scenario once… I had Harry Potter elder wand in my hand and I waved it …

I gave Sir huge tits for me to suckle ..and, enlarged his dick to unimaginable proportions once he was inside me..

I was severely chastised but, in my head, it felt soooo good!

If only !
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