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The Temptation


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I often imagine all of you in a sprawling crowd as I wander from profile to profile - and, as in with any gathering of such disparate and unique people, there are hallmarks that we all might recognize: Small groups of friends who seem to have known one another for years, the shy introvert struggling for words, the brash and ignorant and stalwart. You might see true love and real hate at times, even intruders who wander in uninvited to simply take from you.

Our crowd here is a microcosm of humans who find some pleasure and satisfaction in power exchange and yet, what was once a relatively closed society, is here thrown open to anyone who is curious.

This is a good thing.

This being said, the very act of bringing all of us together in a bid to seek trust within intimacy - especially within a fetishized world that both requires and encourages some degree of anonymity, is to invite chaos to the party as well.

So, it was a long journey to arrive at this: Chaos often brings with it the temptation to slip from the crowd and lose what was - or could be - gained from taking part and simply being yourself.

Whether you’re one of the people who stand on the edges and listen like myself, or one who is in the middle of it all, hands in the air… be the you who was curious enough to come here in the first place, and the you who recognizes and respects the joy in others as they find that elusive satisfaction that they’ve been craving.

Power exchange can be a fling or a life-long journey, but if you truly wish to find the string of desire that you’ve searched for, you must not just slip away when the mood swings or the crowd doesn’t match your style. At that point, pause. Take a breath and look to the individuals. Step out into the air for a bit. Change the music.

Finding what you seek here is often simply a matter of being patient…and ignoring the temptation.
This is so good, Thankyou. I had thought of slipping away. i ll hang on.x
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