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I love being a bull.

Nothing hotter than fucking a man's wife while he sits in the corner and jerks off to her moaning and screaming in pleasure.

He knows that I am giving it to her better.

He knows she wants me more than him.

He knows she isn't faking.

He knows that pussy is getting wetter for me than it does for him.

He knows I am stretching that pussy out.

Her hand wrapped around my cock with a wedding ring on her finger--- now that is a sexy image.

She is going to do all that she can to swallow my cock.

I'm what she wants, not her husband.

She wants me to use her like the whore that she craves to be.

She needs a real man to unleash the wild cravings that she has.

She needs her hair pulled and ass slapped.

She needs to be choked and manhandled.

She needs to be called a whole and a slut

Does she even let her husband fuck her in the ass? 

She needs her head hanging upside down off the bed while her mouth get fucked like a pussy 

She craves my cum.

Where am I going to put it? Am I going to cum in her pussy or ass and fill her up with my juice? 

Maybe I should shoot my load all over her so her husband can see me coating his hot wife with my cum.

Sure buddy, she's going home with you, but I made her mine, and the next time you watch her fuck herself with a dildo, you know she will be thinking of me.

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