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Right people! To a large extent, this (initial question) is aimed at UK folk simply because I'd like to be able to buy what I'm looking for - IF I can establish that it actually exists!

Does anyone actually KNOW if there are more sizes of Clover clamp available? 

It took me years to actually get round to buying a pair and when I did, they're too ***y small!!

Amelia has lovely, big nipples (16mm+) and the clips we got barely open far enough plus - when I finally do manage to put them on her - the specific pressure they apply is just too much for her nipples so while she LOVES having them crushed and stretched, these damn things are pretty useless!

I'm pretty sure some that I've seen in various porn must be bigger than the ones we've got but everything I've seen for sale (where measurements are given) are all the same - too small!!

What we've got are 100mm x 40mm and have 8mm clamping faces with a 12mm maximum opening - not big enough!! 

This is the big question I'd like answered but at the same time - and as I mentioned above - she has lovely, big nipples which she loves to have crushed and stretched so we're always on the lookout for new and different ideas and ways to do that.

Don't be shy about throwing yours in...!!!

J & A

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