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Late Night - Loving Daddy


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Daddy stood in the doorway to then office.

Working late again?


Baby looked up. Yeah, probably a few more hours. 


Ok, I'm going to read in bed. I've got an early morning breakfast meeting. Don't stay up too late.


A few hours later, baby walked into the bedroom and turned on the light. 

Daddy's head popped up. All ok?


Yeah. No. I dont know. Did you know we were out of bagels?


No, you're the only one who eats them.


Well, I wanted one.


Turn on the light and get into bed.


Baby turned off the light and plopped into bed with a huff.


Lay down.


Baby laid down down and Daddy spooned her. His arm under her head and his other arm d***d over her body.




Baby, you're at an 8. I need you at a 2.


So I have been telling them....


Daddy kissed baby on the cheek and pulled her closer.


....are they listening  to what.....


Daddy slid his hand down and caressed her thigh.


....then she said to ne....


With his other hand, he reached out and grabbed her boob, teasing her nipple with his fingers.


...umm.. yeah... so.... they just aren't...


Daddy slid his hand down baby's panties and rubbed her clit slowly.


.... so this meeting and summit comi....


Daddy rubbed faster.


....summit.... where was I?


Next week's summit




Daddy rolled her on her back and slid off her panties. He pulled down the front of her tank top and pulled out her tits. He greeted each one with a long hard suck on each nipple.


He slowly moved his body down further and further


He put his head between her thighs and licked her pussy hard and fast.


He sucked on her clit.


Both hands were playing with her tits. Groping her books. Tugging on her nipples.


Tongue deep in her pussy. Sliding in and out and all over.


Baby was on the verge of cumming, Daddy sucked hard on her clit and flicked it with his tongue while tugging on her nipples. 


Baby came hard and screamed out. Grabbing Daddys hair and tugging it. 


The intensity was too much. 


Baby tried to push him off, but he pressed down on her pussy harder. The pressure on her clit was intense. He worked his tongue faster and slid w fingers in her pussy.


Her body exploded.


Baby bucked and she she squirted all over Daddys face.


Her body throbbed. She was paralyzed. She panted.


Daddy moved his body up, licked each nipple and kissed her on the mouth.


Daddy rolled on his back, and put his hand on her stomach.


You were saying....?


Baby swallowed hard. I.... I.... dunno know...

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