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Alternatives to saying good boy/girl.

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I always want to reward when approached correctly by subs but am hesitant to say “good boy/girl” to everyone. Personally I don’t like being called “girl” when I’m the sub. I know some people like it but I don’t want to assume when I’m the domme. Even when subs(mostly men) address me correctly they hardly ever specify what type of sub they are. Any thoughts/suggestions?
'You are very polite and respectful. I note and appreciate it. Thank you'. That's the icebreaker to then move on to what their role is, what they seek, etc. Some people don't like to be too forward with some information so it has to be brought out of them, and thanking them for their respect will assist in relaxing them since they're welcomed.
If you want to know you can ask. Depending on how good they are o call the good angel, good baby, good subby etc etc.
There are lots of non-gendered options for praise but I think it’s always good to ask what the person prefers and if there are any pet names or honorifics that are off limits.
As for ideas, these would obviously depend on the dynamic and the sub’s consent, but here are a few: pet, slut, fuck toy, whore, little one, puppy, kitten, angel, sweetness, bunny
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I like this one

Thanks! It's just my personal take on things, so YMMV, but I feel it'll help avoid misgendering and the subs you reply to will appreciate you asking their preferences.


I really like any kind of diminutive pet name, especially if there's an aspect of gender role reversal. Think of anything that a husband would lovingly call his wife in a traditional household. Many of these work in a non-relationship interactions, but some don't. Feel the vibe, obviously. Examples include "angel", "pet", "baby", and "sweetie". So like "thanks, pet" would totally work instead of "good boy". Collecting some of these will give you a good arsenal of sub appreciation.

I only work with littles, and none of them share the same nicknames. I also don't provide specialized nicknames unless they get to the point of being 100% comfortable with me, have faith in me, and trust that I will take care of their well-being.

Once a little decides to honor me with the Daddy title, then I will choose a nickname that Suites their personality, lifestyle, and spirt.
Mine are subbies. So I say good subby, as well as good boy. I think subbies like to be a good boy. But if they were to say they don’t like that then I would revert back to good subby. I also respond with Morning subby and good night subby when they give me their daily greetings.

Great tread. As a switch from my perspective an 10 cents worth.

1, a lot of Dommes will state how the want to be addressed. Some will say you have to earn right to call her ..........

This works both ways. They are not your Domme, and you are not their sub.

Myself I if I approach as a sub I will ask how the person would like to be addressed. The same goes if I am in Dom mode.

Basically it  is just manners and good communication 

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pet, doesnt have to any thing with petplay maybe because you just like to 'pet' him.
Puppy. Stud. Slut. My little toy. Little one. Property. Naughty boy. Silly goose. Puppet. Dog. Pervert. Shy boy. Locked subby. Sissy.
Apple or peach maybe because you think his butt is sexy. Badboy. Wonder boy. Dirty boy. Eye candy, fun with cnfm play or when you make him wear stuf. Tiger is he's playful. Honey lips, if you like him eating you out, or if he just has the most wonderful lips. What ever suits you
Some that I've used, but my background is usually with littles and pets. Some of these are reusable regardless. I will say I do tend to make a specific nickname too for the subbie themselves so that it is a special name for them alone, but the universal nick names:

* sweetness
* puppy
* sugar-tits (this one's fun as a try not to laugh challenge)
* sweet face

Though I think giving a more personalized nickname is more meaningful. It's like a pre-collar ceremony moment to me and is usually very specific to the subs personality/kink/etc. I.e cummy bear, pretty boy, etc
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