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A Magical Night To Remember


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Today is all about her, celebrating her ethereal existence on her special day. Even in her modesty, I can't help but be captivated by her. 🌹

While she may not always see her own light, it matters not, for my heart will forever be a beacon of love for her. ❤️

There she stood, radiant and enchanting. The sheer delight of seeing her again after weeks felt like a reunion of two souls destined to intertwine. Every moment with her is nothing short of magical. 🌟💫

Her birthday was a tapestry of emotions. Witnessing her in awe of her mystical cake and her gifts warmed my heart. Though I had hoped for more naked devotion photos from our friends, the universe had other plans, and that's alright. 🎂🎁🌌

That night was destined to be transcendent. The hotel room held promises of ethereal connections. As most know, my beloved (my soulmate) and I resonate with asexuality. But that doesn't diminish the depth of our bond; the touch, the shared breath, the heartbeat syncing, and our whispered conversations laced with shared, heavily intimate, love. 💓🌙

I gazed into her eyes, a mesmerizing mix of green, blue, and brown, feeling like I was diving into an ocean of pure love. Those moments felt as if the universe whispered, "You've found your forever." 🌍💞

Her voice singing a gentle French lullaby was a balm to my soul. Her melodies reminded me of moonlit nights, shimmering stars, and the universe serenading us. 🎶

That night, as she held me, it felt like all the scattered pieces of my soul found their home in her embrace. With her, I felt cherished, valued, and genuinely.. truly.. truly happy. 🌜💖

The dawn brought a hint of melancholy. The universe has its timing, and I yearn for the day we can be together endlessly. The past has cast shadows, but her love is my beacon of desire, hope, and endless joy. 🌅🔮

I desire our love to be eternal. While I recognize her free spirit may dance with others, my heart rejoices in the love we've found. She's a cosmic treasure, truly unparalleled. 🌠💗

I celebrate her in every heartbeat, sharing tales of our love with friends and future lovers. If any intimate moments arise, they would bear her name as a testament to the love we share, echoing that even amidst passionate whirlwinds, she remains my anchor, my fortress, my guardian. 💖🌀

If ever there's a touching dance with a dominant ***, it's her name that will guide and ground me, a testament that every fiber of my being vibrates with love for her. Always. Forever. 💕🌌
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