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It's only coffee - the refill - 5 years later (part 4)

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(A follow up to the story posted a couple of months back, before sunset after sunrise style..vanilla)

F: Here you go honey. Yours has room for cream right?

M: (flirtatious) Mmmhmm <whisper, playfully seductive> Oh, you have room for allll of my cream, baby. <laugh>

F: <playfully> stop it) <laugh again, incredulously>

F: Where'd you wanna sit?

M: Let's go find a dark corner... where I can flirt with you.

F: (slight excited gasp) Look, they still have the old leather couch where we sat the first time we were here. Looks cozy too! And the corner looks dark enough... <giggle>

<moving/sitting down>

M: Mmmm, This *is* cosy. Though maybe my butt has more padding now. <laugh>

F: <laugh> Coffee smells great. Cheers babe.


M: Do you like your coffee? Better than the first time we came here? (lower) Remember our first date?

F: Mmhmm... (slight pause) Our first date was like, what... five years ago? This place hasn’t changed much, has it?

M: Not much, no. You're still as gorgeous as you were on our first date though.

F: (contented sigh) Did you know that we'd end up together? That I’d want to keep seeing you and eventually be your partner? <laugh>

M: (playfully cocky) Oh. Pshhh. Yeah. I *totally* knew we were gonna end up together, babe. I knew from that first date.

F: (playfully teasing) Oh you diddddd huh? <laugh> You were that confident?

M: Yes I did! <laugh> I knew you'd be mine. (softer, like you leaned in to whisper) I mean. I knew I wanted to be *yours*.

F: <laugh> Well... I suppose I knew deep down that we would be together at some point. I had an inkling... But I had *no* idea you were going to wait almost a week before you called to ask me out again!

M: <sigh> I know, I know. I waited way too long to call you for our second date. What can I say? I was head over heels... and, honestly babe? I was kinda intimidated by you back then. <laugh>

F: *You* were intimidated by *me?* Well I'd almost given up hope! <laugh playfully>

M: (teasing) Come on, what was I supposed to think? You were this gorgeous, smart, sassy, fun, intelligent girl who agreed to go out on a date... with *me.* <laugh>

F: You know that-

M: (cutting her off) -Yes, yes, I know that smart and intelligent mean the same thing... <laugh>

F: (still playful teasing) Yeah, and I had this super cute, amazing, attractive and funny guy who asked me out, and then nothing!

M: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you doubt me honey. <laugh> But it all worked out right?

F: <laugh> I know baby, I’m just giving you hell. Turns out, you were worth the wait. <kiss>

M: Oh babe. You were worth the wait too. <kiss>

F: I know that’s cheesy. <laugh> But cheesy is our favorite flavor, remember?

M: Now *that* is cheesy.

F: <laugh> Okay, okay. I’ll stop. But I love that we can be cheesy with each other.

[beat] [could fade in louder coffee shop music and then fade back out when you start back up]

F: How’s your coffee? Warming you up?

M: Well... I was already pretty... *warmed up...* if you know what I mean? <SUPER dorky> There's always room... for cream.

F: stop it... with the cream joke! <chuckle>

M: You're so beautiful. I wanna fool around with you... <laugh>

F: Oh yeah? <giggle> And how exactly are we going to fool around in this coffee shop babe? <giggle>

M: Well for instance this beautiful leg... what would you do if I just... played with it? <laugh>

F: Are you... are you *actually* playing footsie with me right now? You know people can see us right? <laugh>

M: I don't care. <laugh> This place is nearly empty anyways. Besides... I'm in the mood...

F: What do you *mean* you’re in the mood? (stretch this out, protesting but flirty) We’re in public...

M: Scoot closer to me, baby. <optional "pat pat" noise like you were patting the seat next to you> That's it.

F: Okay fine. <laugh>

M: (slowly) Mmmmm, this foot... this calf... this knee... this thigh...

F: Oh wow. Mmmm <playful, sexy moan>

F: <giggle> On our first date you were definitely *not* this confident. <laugh>

M: <chuckle> No?

F: No, you were awkward and shy and reserved... and... *hey!* that’s my shoe mister! (playful) I know we’re in this dark corner of the coffee shop, baby, but don’t undress me out here! <giggle>

M: <chuckle> You didn't really need that shoe anymore did you? But yeah... I was pretty reserved. I just didn't want to mess up my chances with such a lovely creature.

F: What... what is that hand doing, mister? Are you... (whisper) are you getting hard?

M: <whisper> I just can't help myself babe... you turn me on so fucking much.

F: (shocked but you’re into it) Baby!! Stoppppp <giggle>

M: I don't wanna stop. I want you.

F: You’re gonna get us arrested and then we’re going to have to spend our anniversary in jail. <laugh>

M: <laugh> We are *not* getting arrested. No one is looking, just... let me tease you...

F: I know it’s almost empty, they’re about to close. The poor barista probably sees us messing around and is about two seconds away from calling the cops. <laugh>

M: Well...isn't it a little poetic? The coffee shop where we had our first date... the same couch we were sitting on? I remember seeing you there thinking, I want this girl, I want her in my life. I want her to be mine.

F: (protesting) Mmmm... baby...

M: Oh, no one can see us... <laugh> It's fine babe, they're about to close anyways. This is probably the highlight of this barista's week! <laugh>

F: Mmmm, it does feel nice though, just having you rub my leg like that. Just like when we were first dating...

M: Ohhhh, It was cute then, it's adorable now... how you still giggle while you protest... <laugh>

(kissing noises)

F: God it’s turning me on... to see how worked up you’re getting...

M: Well it's turning me on too... to see just how much teasing you can take, babe...

F: (playful) Don’t look at me like that... <giggle>

M: (playful) But you look just so... delicious... <groan> (lustful) Let's fool around...

F: Where can we go? The bathroom? <giggle>

M: Mmhmm... sounds like a good idea to me...

F: But why here, baby? (lower) We could just wait until we got home and make love in our bed... or... in the shower...<laugh>

M: Nuh-uh. I'm not waiting until we get home to make love to you. You're my girl and I want you now.

F: Well how far do you want to take this before we... <kiss> (breathy) head to the bathroom? <slight moan>

M: <manly groan> Honey, if we wait much longer I'm going to be ravishing you on this couch... <kiss>

F: I know... I want you too, but... it's been so long since we fooled around in public...

M: You're making me want to be very, very bad... 

F: (slight pause) Okay well... meet me in there in 2 minutes? (whisper)

M: Two minutes?? <laugh> Baby, I'll meet you there in 30 seconds. Right behind you.

F: Okay, <kiss> be quick. <soft giggle>

<optional door closing>

[generally giggly, breathy throughout the rest of this part. You’re fooling around in the bathroom of a coffee shop... come on.]

F: (sultry) Hey.

M: (sultry) Hi there. <kiss>

F: Is there a lock on this thing? <kissing noises, laughing>

M: Who cares if there's a lock? No one's coming in here. Except you. <kiss> And... well. Me too. <laugh then kiss> You're going right up against the door babe.

F: Mmmm, yes,... kiss me. <moan/kiss>

M: Was that okay? <kiss> I hope I'm not being too rough. Jesus, babe, the sounds you make... <moan>

F: I’ll... <giggle, then whisper> I’ll be quiet... just go slower baby. <kiss>

M: <laugh> Shhh, they'll hear you.

F: Give me your hands... I need your hands on me. Mmmm, yes...

M: <moan> Yes... on these perfect breasts? <kiss>

F: <moan>

M: <moan> ...oh this neck... (whisper) I want every inch of you, babe.

F: God I love running my fingers through your hair... <moan> [this line may be omitted at the performer’s discretion]

M: <moan


F: Unclasp my bra, baby.

M: (breathy) Yeah?

F: Here let me pull up my shirt. <laugh>

M: <grunt/struggling> <laugh>

F: Mmmm, get your mouth back on my nipples... <moan>

M: Oh, yes Miss <licking, groaning>


F: Mmmm, <groan> I’m tingling all over...

M: Mmm, how about I drag my fingers down your lovely curves...? <groan> Oh, baby, you're trembling...

F: Your mouth feels amazing... <giggle/laugh> What are you doing?

M: <grunting/struggling mouth noises?> (you're trying to use your mouth to get into her jeans)

F: Are you trying to unbutton my pants with your teeth? Honey... <laugh>

M: Let me just... here... ughhh. <defeated but silly sigh> Yeah, I was trying...<defeated chuckle> I thought it would be sexy as hell <laugh at yourself>

F: Aww, that’s so cute, but I’ll help you... <laugh> Here you go. <soft grunt> Let me just unzip these... <gasp>

M: <inhale> I just want to kiss all the way down your body... <kissing noises throughout this line>

M: <resume kissing> This tummy... these panties...mmmmmm.

F: Oh god, your tongue feels so good baby. Mmmmm...

M: Well! <laugh> Look at these cute little panties... with unicorns on them"

F: I know..

<laugh> I didn’t know we were going to be doing this tonight! <gasp>

M: <sucking/licking noise> I don't care what you wear baby, as long as I get to have what's underneath. <kiss/lick>

F: That feels amazing, yes.... keep going, baby, I don’t want you to stop. I want it. I want you to suck on my clit.

<cunnilingus noises>

<moaning from both>

M: Mmmm, you're already so wet for me...

F: Mmmhmmm...

M: Spread your legs wider, babe. Mmmm...I need to put my tongue on your wet slit. <moan>

F: Wider? Mmmm yes baby... <gasp, moan>

M: <licking, moaning> I need to make you cum, baby. Pull my head towards your needy little pussy so I can lap up all your juices.

F: Make me cum baby...

M: <licking, encouraging her to orgasm>

F: <moaning, getting to orgasm>

M: That's it baby, that's it.

F: Fuck baby, yes, yes, yes!

M: This swollen little clit...feels so good between my lips. <sucking> And I just love the way you squirm. <moan>

F: <moan>

M: Mmmmm, that's it, cum for me baby... cum for me. Cum, baby... yes... <groan>

F: <ad lib to orgasm>

M: Oh baby, you taste amazing... <soft laugh>

F: Mmmmm, get up here and kiss me <long, passionate kiss>

M: <sigh, groan> Damn, honey, I'm so hard right now...

F: (sultry) Oh baby I know... you can either take me right now or you can take out that cock so I can suck it...

M: How about you suck my cock first then I can push that hot ass up against the door? <laugh, moan>

F: Oh, both huh? you’re so greedy aren’t you? <giggle>

M: That's just how badly I want you right now.

F: Mmmm, yes... switch with me, get up against the door now, babe.

M: Unzip me. <sigh, groan>

<moaning, sucking noisesetc>

F: <sexy moan> I love your cock.

M: You're such a tease, licking the tip of my cock like that. <growl> Look up at me, let me see those gorgeous eyes.

F: <moaning, licking noises> Don’t you love the way it slides into my mouth?

M: <gasping, moaning, enjoying your bj hehe> Fuck, baby!? Your hands while you suck... you're fucking amazing... <groaning>

F: <groan>

M: <groan> Yes... baby... I've wanted you so badly all day.

F: Fuck baby, I’ve wanted you too. <kiss/lick/moan>

M: I bet that pussy is still tingling for me. 

F: You taste so good... and yes it is. <giggle>

M: (deviant) Yeah baby... I love how my cock fills up your pretty little mouth. <ad lib some moans>

F: moan/sucking

M: Oh fuck... baby, stop. <sigh/catching your breath>

F: Yes? <moan then stop>

M: I need to be inside you. <swallow> Babe, I need to fuck you. Now.

F: Yesssss?

M: Turn around, stick your ass out for me. <moan> put your hands up against the door.

F: <gasps, moans as he enters>

M: Ohhhhh FUCK... Fuck I love how my cock feels inside your pussy. <moan>

F: Push into me baby... fuck I want to feel all of you inside me. <moan>

Both: <moans, gasps, building to orgasm>

M: Damn, these perfect hips... You're so sexy, you know that right? You're mine. I love the way we fit together baby.

F: I love your hands digging into my hips...

F: Fuck, I'm going to cum... I want you to cum with me... cum with me baby. <moaning, building intensity>

M: Fuck, yes cum with me... You're gonna cum with me baby.

F: Yes please, give it to me... I’m gonna cum <moan>

F: I'm cumming around your cock... <moan>

M: I’m gonna cum inside you... <moan>

F: Mmm, yes baby...

M: Fuck, yes cum with me... together... just like the first time we made love...

F: <kiss> Baby, I love you. <kiss>

M: <kiss> (breathy) Goddamn, I love you too. <kiss> So fucking much.

F: <laugh> Do you think anyone heard us?

M: <laugh, catching your breath, coming down> I'm not sure...do you really care right now? After all that? <laugh>

F: How... did my pants get over there? <laugh>

M: No idea <laugh> Here you go.

F: Better than our first date, babe?

M: Oh yeah, beautiful. Way better. <kiss>

F: Better than the coffee even.

M: (teasing) I don't know... the coffee is pretty good.

F: Okay <laugh> you go out first... (jokingly melodramatic) I couldn’t *bear* the shame! <laugh>

M: Mmmmm. <laugh> Okay I'll go...<kiss>

F: Here, let me fix your hair baby. <laugh> It looks like a tornado swept through here.

M: Mmm, meet you outside, babe.

F: I love you. More than coffee. <kiss>

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minor changes

Just read it all through from beginning to end...

Gonna read it again!


An observation..

Different writing style in the last part.



Thos isn't English o level .

5 years have passed and couples get familiar. Initial power imbalances are equalised.

It's a joint perspective rather than through the eyes of our male protagonist who was taken by surprise by our bold woman. 

Is it deliberate. It is what it is. 


Finally  Panther.  Have always wondered what happened to our coffee date couple.  The time lapse was brilliant.  I'm a sucker for a happy ending.  Thanks for finishing the story.  

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