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What's the Code?


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What is the code to a whore?
Do keys in the front door start your engine?
A quick fuck on the floor?
Fucking roughly in her anal door?
Whore is it 57664?
Is it chatting all night long?
Compatible fucking to the same song?
How can I get you to do
Those animalistic sexual things you love to do?
Thumb in your butt
Semen on your lips
Tied up in a corner
Is the code, Do you like tacos?
Is it when we play you want to call me Flacko?
Whore how do I make you say cum on my face?
Or I like to eat your sperm on a plate?
What makes you fuck on a first date?
Whore tell me your secret
What makes you lift your skirt so we can peek at it?
I will stay here all day
Figuring out how to make you spray
How to make you say
Daddy I brought an extra pussy home lets play
Whore what's the code?
Must I pluck your toes
Twist your nose
To get you to walk around the house in slutty clothes?
What gets you to say treat me like your whore?
Get to fuck you outdoors
Deep throat fuck you then go to sleep
Wake you in the middle of the night like a creep
What is the code to Whoreville?
What gets you to do my every will?
That whorish shit without a pill
Is it, Hi my name is Phil. May I have a feel?
Whore what is your love language?
That makes you slutty without a challenge?
Whore, finding your code is my mission
The one that's makes you do CNC without permission
Because who does not want a whore every now and again
Fuck who says whoring is a sin
Having a whore for roleplay is a life for me
You know what to do if you have an inner whore you want me to see
Made me feel like Agent K taking a *really* explicit baseline test.
5 hours ago, Thermistocles said:
Made me feel like Agent K taking a *really* explicit baseline test.


4 hours ago, RossJacks said:
Love it

Thank you

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