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Have you ever been in a hot, sticky, stinky, sweaty situation?

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I hope you can relate to this is you love sweat, BO, strip searches, interrogations, police, sticky situations, armpits.

One time I went to the park at night to have sex with a hot Solomon Islander guy inside my car,  I was wearing a tanktop underneath my short sleeve shirt and we were about to get undressed, but the guy who I was with noticed that someone was looking at us. The guy with me tells me to find another park to go to. That car looking at us just happened to be a police car, they pulled us up inside the park with their sirens on (DUN, DUN, DUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!), I felt the heat of that and I was starting to sweat and my armpits were stinking of BO. The angry policeman yelled at me and said "WHY DID YOU TRY TO LEAVE THE PARK?!", I was studdering and trying to make up excuses "Ummmmmmm....well.....I....I...I.....you see.....". He then asked me "Are you hiding any ***?", but of course I was in the heat of a sticky situation and had false admissions and I said "(GULP!) No.....at least not intentionally". He told both of us to "GET OUT!!!!". 

Both the guy who I was with and I were being searched, I was sweating and stinking of BO profusely as the policeman were searching me, I made a loud 'GULP!' sound because I was so scared, my dick started embarrassingly becoming hard. He used his handheld metal detectors to search me, I was so scared that they would find something, but thank god they did not find anything (phew!).

The policewomen searched my car, and they found my bag of sex stuff that I was trying to hide from the police (DUN, DUN, DUUUUUUUUUN!), I was so embarrassed and did not know what to say.

The police continued to find things to bust me for, they checked to see if my car registration was valid, I stood there fanning myself with my wallet, my clothes were drenched in sweat and I was really stinking of BO now, and the smell of my BO and the feeling of sweat all over me was really turning me on, but it was embarrassing at the same time. The policeman said that my registration expires at midnight, it was 9PM at that time, I told him that I already paid it, he said "Well it expires tonight".

When the policeman let us go I was so relieved, no charges were made, no arrests were made (phew!) , the guy who I was with had sex in my bedroom instead that night, my mum was not comfortable with me letting random people into the house, but I did it anyway while she was fast asleep, I came all over him because I was so turned on by the while sticky situation. I try to pay for rego at the police station the next day, but they said mine was already paid for. 

Have you ever had a sticky situation where you had to hide something from your boyfriend and you were sweating and stinking of BO that he would find out what your hiding, or have you ever been strip searched and you were sweating and stinking of BO profusely that you might get caught?

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Friday at 09:10 PM, BiCoastalD said:
Sweat is delicious

Mmmmmmm yes, I wasn't wearing deodorant on that day, because the smell of BO and sweat is a huge turn on for me, but it was highly embarrassing sweating and stinking of BO in front of the police. I tried squeezing my arms and armpits to my body to try to hide it.

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